Breaking a Bad Habit

Studies have shown that over 90% of what we do everyday is out of habit. Human beings are creatures of habit, which is a very helpful ability in many ways. Imagine for example having to think every day about how to brush your teeth, or how to climb the stairs. These are things we do […]

The 10 Commandments of the Young Christian Web User

Teens today spend more time on the Internet than watching TV… I thought I’d draw up these ’10 Commandments’ as a guide to them, as they surf through dangerous cyber waters on the Web. Thou shalt beware that it’s easier to find evil on the Internet than good. Thou shalt not give thy personal details […]

Marriage: It Works For Us Marriage: It Works For Us from SiLC on Vimeo. The attack on marriage as an institution by the media nowadays — especially Hollywood — is shameful. Here’s a response. Enjoy.

Death, Michael jackson, & You

If you knew you were going to die imminently, would you be at peace or need some time to get ready? Death comes upon everyone, but few of us like to think about it… and fewer still are prepared to handle their or loved one’s death. Here’s a short talk I gave about it. It […]