1. Let me be the one and only woman in your life. Make me feel like I am enough for you.
  2. When I’m talking, pay attention. Heard that?
  3. Yes, I need to hear you say you love me once in a while. But three times a day becomes a bit too much. Less.
  4. I’m not a sex machine. But even a machine requires maintenance and heating. Imagine me.
  5. Don’t lie to me. Never. Ever. Incentive: I still have that rolling pin in the kitchen.
  6. I don’t mind if you’re the leader. Just give me reasons to trust in your leadership. Knowing where we’re going also helps.
  7. Make me feel safe with you. Character. Self control. Work. In everything.
  8. Surprise me once in a while. Good surprises make me feel special.
  9. I like it when you’re truly interested in what I think, and when you tell me what you think.
  10. When I’m stressed, acting and talking like I’m crazy, just take my hand, hug me, calm me down and say, “It’ll be okay.” Then go ahead and take out the trash.
  11. (There couldn’t be only 10, right?) Read the book Bullet-proof Marriage with me? (When it comes out in English.)

Did you already read the 10 Requests of every husband?


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23 Responses to “10 requests of every wife”

  1. Bishop! I am blessed by these messages, And I am eagerly waiting for the Book in English Bishop. Thanks God for these blessings.

  2. lol, this made me laugh but some of the points are on point.

  3. Obispo es verdad lo que dice me gusto mucho lo que dice y me ayuda mucho

  4. I’m not a wife yet, but I couldn’t agree with the above points any more than already do.
    Love it! + the blog post about the requests of a husband… These things are good to know… Thanks Bp 😉

  5. Jonalyn Issachar Hk 5 years ago

    Every husband must read. As i read this it put a smile on my face. Im a wife and if my husband will do all this things to me.,I provably be the most happiest wife ever..Nice one:)

  6. ms guni,england 5 years ago

    I have 10 copies to give away can’t wait for the new year to get my copy.All birthdays for 2013.

  7. JOSEPH AMORO 5 years ago

    I am waiting to read your book, i have gone through dehumanizing relationship in the past before i embark in a new relationship, i would want to read your inspiring book. thanks a lot

    Joseph Amoro

  8. Tatiane Gomes 5 years ago

    Bishop thanks for sharing this post is very interesting.

  9. Nompumelelo 5 years ago

    It is true Bishop we as a woman we need this and did ask my husbant olso to read,He read and he was smiling.Thank you Bishop i am waiting to have my book.

  10. Gugu Ngwenya 5 years ago

    Thank you for shareing Bishop, i am waiting for the book i can’t wait for it to arrive here in South Africa.

  11. some of these points are true and most woman would love a man to behave that way.

  12. Nicola Ashitey 5 years ago

    “Bullet proof Marriage” sounds so good, reading books Is my weak point but I would definitely make a special effort to read this one.

  13. Jennifer 4 years ago

    That was plain GREAT! Every man should take a look at this and apply it for their wives, girlfriends, or for the future!

  14. This tips are very helpful,I read and some of the things match with what I want my husband to do for me..I copied so that I can show him…
    Thank you Bishop

  15. lucia rustenburg 4 years ago

    can’t wait to have one of my own, thanks bishop 🙂

  16. Afas Mbura 4 years ago

    Hi Bishop

    I’m very happy to know what the women’s want from their man, because I’m on the way to become a husband.

    Thank you Bishop.

  17. Lutho Zuzole 4 years ago

    She’s craze, i won’t do this.

  18. Nthabiseng 3 years ago


  19. wilka teophelus 3 years ago

    thank you so much for your post BP,they are helping me alot and i can say i know better now.

  20. #SpotOnBishop!! 😀

  21. Dallison Leon 3 years ago

    Bulletproof marriage was an excellent piece of writing. Very inspirational Bishop.

  22. mercy Charles 3 years ago

    Bullet proof marriage book is a blessing.women are Simple to please.

  23. lungelo 3 years ago

    I feel very blessed