1. Do not raise your voice when we speak. Your sweet voice has much more effect.
2. If I haven’t given you a reason, don’t accuse me of flirting with another woman.
3. Dress sexy just for me.
4. Sometimes I’m really not thinking about anything. Believe me.
5. You can take your time to get ready, as long as we leave at the agreed time.
6. Do not expose me before others. Play for our team, not against it.
7. Never let me be the last to know.
8. Let me hunt 80% of the time. The other 20% you hunt me (I like being hunted occasionally too).
9. You deserve everything there is at the mall. Really. But remember that our card has a limit.
10. Let’s stop fighting about the toilet lid. If it’s up, you put it down. After all, when it is down, I put it up.


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17 Responses to “10 requests of every husband”

  1. This is powerful Bishop, i will share with my wife.

  2. Very simple, thanks for sharing Bishop.

  3. I like what i just read. I love it more because i’m a husband

  4. genalyn,GAD,HongKong 5 years ago

    Thanks Bishop,
    These serves as an eye opener to me, i must know my role as a wife to be submissive to my husband in order to have a good and lasting marriage.

  5. Thanx bp i understand evrything coz im a wife

  6. Hello Bishop

    I have a question. it is not my case but i do have that concern. if a couple was to enter the church start their process of liberation and so on. but they are not married, they have been together for a long time (years) but they are not married by law or church for that matter. that could be a big obsticle for them to receive the holy spirit. right? or God already sees them as a marrige and its not an impediment to get the Holy Spirit? to my undestanding it is an impediment because its adultery….

    Your comment is awaiting moderation.

    • rkrocha 5 years ago

      Hello Elisa,

      In regards to your question Bp. Renato said to reply: If both are now seeking God and willing to do things the right way, then there should be no reason why they can’t get married.

  7. ketsweng 5 years ago

    woow thanx for the lesson. i have really learnt a lot

  8. We as men need to be appreciated too…..thanks for the message bishop. Tumme……Rustenburg(S.A)

  9. Very nice like it, an eye opener thank you for sharing bishop God bless.

  10. Thank u Bp I will be the best wife to my husband one day when I find one I learn more on your blog about relationship

  11. Thank you Bishop
    I have learnt how to behave towards my husband for our marriage to work and last till the end..very helpful..

  12. Priscilla Theodore 4 years ago

    I can identify things that I used to do from the list and
    that brought arguments in our relationship. Many of them
    I had learnt about and took action to change my ways.
    I can see how much we understood each other now and
    our marriage is a learning progress.
    Many thanks for this post.

  13. Evelyn Somah 4 years ago

    Hi Bishop,

    Some of the points are very hilarious but do make a lot of sense and quite true. Will definitely take on board.
    God bless

  14. wow!that so amazing Bishop thank you for the message.

  15. thank you bishop for sharing. 🙂 🙂

    I was laughing while reading this because most of this things us ladies are really guilty of it.

    God bless you much more bishop.

  16. Boitumelo 3 years ago

    LOL… very true on all accounts. This helped me understand a bit more what men need and i shall work on it. Points number 5, 9 and 10 are my favourites… They killed because women are mostly guilty of them. Thank you Bp.