“So now may the fear of the Lord be on you. Consider and act well because there is no injustice, partiality, or bribe taking with the Lord our God.” 2 Chronicles 19.7

The children of God know that with Him it is yes, yes and no, no. There is no being clever or deceitful. There is no half-faith, but a wholesome faith and obedience. They also act right towards their neighbor: they honour their word, are solicitous, and are happy to please the God of Justice.

Ester Bezerra
Collaborated: Ester Bezerra

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  • Julianne

    With God, it’s either all or nothing. He rewards according to our deeds without favouritism. Those who fear Him live the same way, doing what is right to please Him and not man and so are greatly rewarded.

  • Sara Gomez

    Amen! We must be vigilant, fearful and righteous for there is nothing that we can hide from God!

  • Ellen Dube

    Amen to this wise message,God knows our hearts,there’s no reason for us to pretending to be holy while deep inside we are hypocrites,we have to be sincere in everything we do,God doesn’t like a person who is double minded. .
    Thank you for an eye opener message!!!

  • Vinnette Ngxameleni

    It is true indeed to have a character of God when u have Jesus inside of you so that people who around can see.
    thank you

  • Emma Makibile

    That’s true the fear of the Lord, is the most important thing for your won’t be able to be deceitful for we are so transparent to our Father, nothing is hidden.we have to trust Him and obey wit all of our hearts.

  • Shirley Ramel Fabico

    The fear of God is living in respect and submission to Him.We cannot be divided, it’s either yes or no.

  • Michelle wakit

    Fear whenever the situation is difficult,no to attempt any sin.It seems the situation is hopeless but for those who truly obey Him nothing is impossible with God.

  • Joyce dala

    Amen God knows us from inside to outside he even knows the number of our hair each and every string what we need to do is fear the Lord and obey him we cannot bribe or buy God very strong.

  • Lolibeth Tigmo

    As a child of God I must live in righteousness.

  • Jessica

    God is a God of certainty. “Let your yes be yes and your no be no” When we are undecided our faith is wavering and when we are on the fence the devil already has his hands in our lives. I cannot be someone who in between but indeed stands for my faith and obeys and lives righteously in the eyes of God.

  • barbara perez

    It is true,having character people I like to be around