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Many people like raising the flag to defend their own personality, as if it were something unchangeable but, have you noticed that our personality changes like day and night? Depending on the situation, you’re nice or not, spontaneous or not, caring or not, understanding or not, anxious or not, bold or not, shy or not, and so on… it’s true that sometimes there are some traits in us that stand out more than the others and, it’s exactly those that we think make up our personality, but this is not completely true.

How many times, depending on the day of the month, are we more sensitive? Some cry and others get easily irritated, but this doesn’t mean that they’re a crybaby or annoying, but that they are suffering with the consequences of hormonal changes. And what about the times you do something bold that you even impress yourself but later on you keep replaying it in your mind, not believing it was actually you?

Our personality changes a lot, more than we can imagine. This is why we can’t think the same way the majority do, that they were born like this and will die that way. Those who think that way, deep down want to justify a mistake in themselves, as if their temper was part of their personality, so whoever wants to hang around with them, would have to get used to their attitude. A cheap excuse! The reason why is because this strong temper doesn’t show up when she’s around someone she doesn’t know or she deeply respects, or with her boss or customer. If this is really her temper, why isn’t she like that with certain people?

Let’s see the facts: whatever we think is part of our personality and has harmed our relationships, has to be faced and removed. It doesn’t matter if you had to learn from a young age to control everything in your life, truth is you won’t be able to control everything – stop deceiving yourself and tormenting everyone else around you.

I have things in my personality that have to be removed. I know that it’s not easy to face or deal with them, and that it would be easier, more simple, to live with them and wait for everyone else to get used to them… which would be a true injustice, especially for those who love me.

Do you remember Peter the apostle? He was so bold, and would always stand out among the other disciples, but his boldness became cowardly, in the moment he found himself in a life and death situation, he denied his faith three times. All that strong personality he had went downhill in a few minutes! We have to stop basing ourselves on a certain personality and recognize that we are imperfect and need to constantly improve ourselves…

How about perfecting your personality this month? In order to have the personality you should have…

  • Your husband complains you are not caring, learn to be caring.
  • Your mother complains that you only call her when you need something, learn to be attentive.
  • Your daughter complains that you’re always on her back, complaining about everything, learn to see her good side.
  • Your friend complains she has to step on egg shells when she’s around you, learn to be pleasant, even when everything isn’t going well for you.

In short, learn what you can change in your personality and you’ll become a better and happier woman!

Do you accept the challenge? What do you intend to do?

In faith.

Collaborated: Cristiane Cardoso

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  • Pinky

    Thank you in the name of Jesus Mrs Christiane this really works in me

  • Cindy Spread

    I accept This week God talked to me about the fact that I shouldn’t wait for other pepole to change for my sake but that I need to change for my sake and their. So this challenge will help me a lot.


    Thank you so Much, Mrs Cardoso. Reading this it help me to understand myself more and to really know who I more in different situation .

  • Jessica Moreira

    I accept the challenage