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Neediness, an evil so common that normally starts in childhood. It may be due to the absence of the father or mother or by too much protection from both. The lack of friendships or by too much attention from them. The rejection of an unrequited love or by a relationship that does not fully satisfy. Neediness comes from different situations, I have already been needy.

Because of this unhappy feeling, we are capable of many auto-destructive behaviors like accepting what is unacceptable in a relationship, annulling ourselves to not bother someone we love and even distancing ourselves from everyone, only to “enjoy” the pain that comes along with it.

Neediness is not cured by a relationship, nor friendship, nor success or the realization of a dream. There is only one formula that works and that’s how I healed myself.

One beautiful day, when I heard my father say, “Stop wanting to have your husband’s attention, serve God helping other women like you” was the day my neediness dissolved.

Instead of waiting on Renato for the solution of what I lacked, I began to do what I could do. That is, I stopped waiting and started acting. I stopped depending on others and started doing what depended on me.

I stopped focusing on what I did not have and started giving what I had to give.

From my weakness, I drew strength.

And the more I gave of myself, the more I received from God himself, who saw my faith and honored me by molding my husband, Renato, into a caring and attentive companion.

I tried changing my husband for 12 years and I almost lost my marriage. The day in which I decided to use this formula, I stopped being needy, I solved all my marriage problems and became a stronger woman.


Collaborated: Cristiane Cardoso

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