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There are moments in life that this horrible question comes to mind: “Who am I?”

The process of discovering yourself is something constant, it might be a new fad or an idea that might come out of the blue, or something simple, like knowing what our favorite color is for that month (because, honestly, it changes every month).

But what about when I have no idea who I am in this galaxy? When only insecurity and complexes define who I am?

Inside your home, no one cares about you; in school you end up pretending to like “fake people” just to not be alone, and Instagram only shows you people who are “popular” and who don’t help you with your body image. There are so many things within you that end up feeling not good enough – the famous comparisons, jealousy, shyness – and even thoughts of cutting yourself or committing suicide. (After all, no one will notice, if you yourself think you have not existed for a long time.)

We end up feeling like garbage thrown in the street.

Why does this happen? Because we do not recognize God in our lives and the love He has for us. Basically, we are despising what He did for us.

So we end up living insecure until our eyes are opened to see that when we despise ourselves, we invalidate the sacrifice that God has did for us. And what does insecurity really show? Absence of faith! It is faith, which leads us to believe that He will guide us in all that we do, and that we will always be better when being molded by Him.

In this case, you have 3 options:

  • Listen to what people think of you, and believe it.
  • Keep listening to the wrong ideas inside of you, and stay the same.
  • Find yourself, recognize His love, and love yourself.

So, what are you going to do?

Collaborated: Isabella Barbosa

Collaborated: Cristiane Cardoso

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  • jesica

    thank u

  • Julie V.

    This is very true. I can relate so much becuase i found myself asking that question from the age of 11 thru 17, my conclusion was am nobody, and i dont even know why I exist. At the age of 17 all I wanted was to stop living, but through out the journey God did show me he loved me, I just didnt see it or accepted him. The day I decide I could no longer see the good and I asked on my knees infront of his alter Help me understand my purpose, he was so clear and as caring to my need. I can’t imagine not wanting to stay fighting in the faith, my Goal is the Holy Spirit, to remain strong when the tuff days come. THANK God for his great mercy.

  • Nekesa Janet

    I need to find a right ways to please my LORD JESUS that is a soution .