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She perceives that her merchandise is good, and her lamp does not go out by night. (Proverbs 31:18)

Many people want to have a family of their own, a husband to belong to, a child to raise, and a home to care for… but it’s funny how many of these people will completely forget what they said they wanted the minute they get these things…

“I’m too tired to cook dinner every night. Here, serve yourself with this frozen ready-made meal I got the other day.”

“Who do you think you are telling me what I should or not do? I may be your wife but I have a life too!”

“I can’t wait for my child to go to school and give me a break!”

“I don’t have time to care for this house, my family will just have to accept that fact.”

These and other more shameful comments are made every single day by women who one day wished to have what today is a ‘burden’ for them.

The V-woman appreciates what she has. And the way she shows it is by providing her children, husband, and home with the best. It’s the way she joyfully cooks, cleans, irons, does her groceries, stocks them, organises, decorates, and invests. Such basic housewife’s responsibilities and yet, such important ones. They reveal how much you appreciate your family.

I’ve heard of wives ‘saving money’ on food in order to buy themselves a new dress…husbands having to iron their own shirts in the morning because there was none in the closet for them to wear… children being raised by TV, Internet, and video games to cover for the time they’re home after school. It’s a sad picture.


The worst part is that, if you cannot appreciate those you see, how will you appreciate God?

You can only begin to appreciate something when you understand its meaning and recognize its value. Let’s talk a bit about you. If you cannot appreciate yourself, you will have trouble appreciating those around you. Perhaps this is why you know you should do more for your family, but you can’t; you don’t have anything to give.

This is all due to the way you’ve been seeing things all along. There is at least one thing you hate about yourself. And once you hate something about yourself, you create a chain reaction, hating everything else, because you don’t believe you’re good enough.

You look at your home and become convinced that you’ll never be a good housewife; and instead of wasting your time trying, you prefer to let others think whatever they want. You have to constantly convince yourself that your not the “housewife” type, without noticing that you’re fulfilling your own prophecy.

If you see yourself this way, it’s obvious that others will see you this way too. And as it says in Proverbs 23:7:

For as he thinks in his heart, so is he…

We determine who we are by the way we see ourselves. The V Woman saw that her merchandise was good. And she worked hard for this.

(Excerpt from my book “The V-Woman”, available on Christian Books Plus or your local UCKG HelpCentre.)

Collaborated: Cristiane Cardoso

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  • Amanda fikile Sifunda

    This is really good to learn to be a better woman of God.

  • Ntlalile Ramohlabi

    Through this message I learned that no one will ever determine who I am if I fail to determine myself, the way I value myself is the way other people will value my self also.

  • Senate

    As it says,our eyes are the windows of the whole body and if they are full of darkness,so is the whole .we must appreciate everything coming from God

  • Lerato

    I must change the way I think about myself because people will comment in my life the way I think of myself. I must always be positive on myself.

  • Awor Carolyne suzan

    This teaches us to be positive, to start appreciating our selves first, value what we have no matter what others may say and not let other peoples opinion determine how we should lead our lives, then we will also appreciate every one and every thing around us.

  • Mutesi Grace Kabanyankole

    To add that, we Christians, the way we relate to the people around us portrays God remember we are his image. If we show good fruits and live as examples, God’s name is glorified and more souls will be saved. We have to take the right decision, avoid injustices, corruption and others, in this way the work of God grows.


    This is so true everything starts with us. one cannot expect to take care of another person if she cannot take care of herself.proverbs 31:12″as long as she lives, she does him good and never harm”. we are to be good and bring joy,happiness to the ones we love, that is our role as woman. lastly it is true how we tend to complain after having received our dreams in fact we should show appreciation.

  • Suprise Chaba

    The message taught me to appreciate the things that I have. My children, husband and my home as they are important in my life. It’s easy to take for granted the things and people that matters most in our lives by being distracted by earthly things that won’t benefit us in any way. Time is precious and its essential to spend it on the things that matters most

  • Mogau Maffa

    I learned that lack of appreciation generates complaints. And complaining causes more harm than good. We need to appreciate the good qualities of a person be it, a friend, husband and others. We ship recognise the effort and actions that people put unto us.

  • kodde colleen catherine

    Indeed appreciation begins where you are and this proves who you are because this shows how much one loves or cares for their loved ones they can be your husband,family members ,or even friends but in general people around you.when this is done well then you know that this person appreciates God because this is what the second commandment says to love your neighbor as oneself.so for me i do my best to appreciate people around me though some do not deserve it but i do my part and this keeps my conscience clean.

  • Nekesa Janet

    This message teaches me be appreciate what i have.