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It’s hasn’t been easy being a mother nowadays.

The things we never imagined our children having access to one day, now practically chases after them, as if the world has invaded our home, and taken us away from it…

Renato and I counsel many parents every Sunday and, in every appointment, we feel their pain. Last Sunday, an elderly mother, in tears, came to tell us how much her children didn’t want to come with her to the seminar, not even as a Mother’s Day request, and to make things worse, they started cursing before she left the house. A mother who raised them by herself, without anyone’s help… and now in return she is despised, disrespected without any consideration.

In my mind, the thought always comes: no mother deserves this! No matter how many mistakes she made in life, or how hard it was to raise her children, a mother will always be a mother…

But what can we do? We can’t open her children’s heads and try and make them understand logic, right? What we do, is what we can do… and this is the tip I gave mothers this last Sunday: be the kind of mother your child needs.

  • Forget about the kind of mother you always dreamed of being, or the kind of mother you learned to be with yours… to be your child’s mother, you need to know what type of mother he/she needs at this moment in their life.
  • Your daughter arrives drunk at home, late at night – she doesn’t need a lecture, she needs care. Give her a coffee, take her to the bathroom, help her get in bed.
  • When your son was angry, he cursed at you – he doesn’t need you to curse back at him, you need to be above his anger. Forgive him and understand that your son is not saying the truth, what’s speaking is the anger he feels.
  • Your daughter gives more attention to her friends than yourself – she doesn’t need you to be jealous or for you to make her feel bad about it. Be a true friend, even in her hardest moments.
  • Your son married a woman who despises you as a mother-in-law – he doesn’t need you to do the same thing with his wife. Be patient and do for her what she doesn’t do for you, treat her like a daughter.
  • Your daughter blames you for her life – she doesn’t need you to turn the blame back on her. Ask forgiveness for the mistakes you made and show her what you’ve changed to no longer go wrong again.

You will always be a mother, however, even if your child has forgotten about you, you don’t have to forget about them. Contact them through prayer. Pray for them every day, place them in God’s hands, and never give up! God will do justice and you will be an accomplished mother!

Do you remember Rebecca? Rebecca had two sons, Esau and Jacob. When they grew up, Esau married women that would take away her peace, and to make matters worse, Jacob, the son that respected her, had to flee home because he was threatened to be killed by his brother.

I can imagine how hard Rebecca’s last days were… she was widowed, having to deal with her son’s daughters-in-law and a son filled with bitterness after she encouraged Jacob’s escape.

Rebecca didn’t see her answered prayers, but not only were they answered but were written in the Word of God! Jacob was very blessed and became Israel, and Esau made amends with his brother many years later.

No prayer is in vain! Fight in prayer for your children and join us Sundays at 6pm, in the Temple of Solomon.

In faith.

Collaborated: Cristiane Cardoso

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  • Nansubuga sumayiyah

    I come to realize the pain my mother can go through in case i decide to follow bad influence yet she deserves all my respect because if it wasn’t she i wouldn’t be here and so i have no right to insult or make her mourn all time.

  • Nekesa Janet

    AMEN. its true mother try there level but sometime they fall.

  • Palesa Jn

    Good evening Mrs Cristiane Thanks for the message and from this I learn that I must be one who fight to be the way that her family needs to be in all situation so that the same could be happening to her in the return as the results

  • Camila Oleques

    every nice

  • Mrs Janice McIntosh

    Good evening Mrs Christiane what you have said is so true. A mother will always be a mother. I never stop praying for my children and grandchildren. I don’t know some of the things they are doing, so I have to place them in God’s hands every day. He is the only one can stop them in their path before they self destruct .

  • Khosi Phindiso

    It is difficult to understand our children’s thoughts. Thank you for the post Mrs Cris.

  • Matefo Makume

    I have to be a mother that my child needs, always I have to take care of here , no meter things she did that I do not like , I have to be a mother , just show her mistakes,but be the way she needs me to be.

    I need to be patient in every situation that my child is in, I have to pray for her and put her life in God s hands.this will make me a good mother in my family taking care of children, always humble in front of them and God will bless my children.

  • ifashawna anderson

    I’m not a mother but I see my nephew always curse his grandmother which is my mother she would always cry and that hurts me, but there is one thing I always learn from her, no matter what her children and grandkids do she’ll show her love babies whether big or small.

  • Grace Motaung

    I used to have a terrible relationship with my mother blaming me for every wrong thing in my life until I realised that all she ever wanted was the best for me and our relationship improved.I want to have the best relationships with kids too.

  • Selma N Johannes

    This very true, my mother came first to church and used to be the child that is problematic to her but she always treats me with love and she said she always put us in prayers but it took time for me to be in the same faith as her,and now that am closer to God she is very happy.God answers every prayer eben if it is taking time He will answer as lo g as you don’t give up.