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We know that raising children is a difficult job and because of this, us mothers, need to loosen up and have a lot of flexibility!

And based on your personality, the way you were raised, you raise your children in the way you see most adequate. This brings a lot of ‘role model’ mothers with good intentions, but sometimes very misguided on how to raise their children.

There are “perfectionist” mothers, “unpredictable” mothers, “best friend” mothers, “me first” mothers, “full package mothers” and other types.

All these profiles mark your children. Some are good, others not so much!

Who doesn’t remember the marks left by the way they were raised by their mother?

It’s important to know yourself, know what kind of a mother you are, and the way to perfect the way you raise your children.

Do you want to find out what kind of mother you are?

Join us  in Mother’s School* where we’ll speak about each of these 5 types of mothers and the marks that each one leaves on their children.

*Mother’s School is being held only in some locations. Please check your local UCKG for the times and dates of these meetings.

Collaborated: Néia Dutra, Mother’s School Coordinator

Collaborated: Cristiane Cardoso

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