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In a world of almost eight billion people, there exists only two groups before God: those who want justice and those who don’t.

When God looked at Sodom and Gomorra, it wasn’t just because these cities were totally corrupted, but it was exactly because it had inhabitants of only one of those groups: those who didn’t want justice.

This became very clear when Abraham asked Him, saying:

“Shall You also destroy the righteous with the wicked? What if there are fifty righteous in the city? Shall You also destroy, and not spare the place, for the fifty righteous who are in it?… So the Lord said, “If I find in Sodom fifty righteous within the city, then I will spare the entire place for their sakes.” Genesis 18:23-26

Abraham still had a bit of hope, after all his nephew Lot and his family lived there, however he asked five other times until he reached ten people, and the Lord responded:

 “I will not destroy it for the sake of ten.” Genesis 18:32

There wasn’t even ten people that wanted justice in Sodom and Gomorrah… imagine how rotten this place must’ve been! By the way, it’s possible that not even Lot and his family wanted justice, since when they had the opportunity of leaving the city, they didn’t want to. God delivered them because of the love He had for Abraham…

“Blessed are those who hunger and thirst for righteousness, for they shall be filled.” Matthew 5:6

Just because a person lives in injustice doesn’t mean they want justice. There’s people and then there’s people. Let’s remember the two thieves on the cross. One of them blasphemed against the Lord Jesus saying:

“If You are the Christ, save Yourself and us!” Luke 23:39

Just by the mockery, you can see the incredulity of one who was dying for his criminal acts, and who did not have a single ounce of regret for what he had done.

And the other thief repented and said,

But the other rebuked him, saying, “Do you not fear God, seeing you are under the same sentence? And we indeed, justly. For we are receiving the due reward of our deeds. But this Man has done nothing amiss.” Luke 23:40-41

See the difference between one and the other: one mocked the Lord Jesus, and the other recognized how much He didn’t deserve to be there among them, because he was strong; in other words, he had recognized his mistakes and knew that he had to pay for them, and because of this, he became a just man.

This is the reason why the Lord Jesus said:

“Truly, I tell you, today you will be with Me in Paradise.” Luke 23:43

That thief became just, because he recognized his mistake.

Side to side to the Lord Jesus on the cross, the two thieves represented all humanity, we all make mistakes, fail and sin. However, some recognize their situation and seek for justice, while others do not.

This means that it doesn’t matter what you did, if you recognize your mistake, repent and return to the Lord Jesus, you will become just, even if by human eyes, like that one thief on the cross, you may still be judged or condemned by what you did.

But if you make mistakes and justify yourself, think that you have the right to err, to do what you want with your life, separating yourself more and more from the Lord Jesus, it can be too late for you one day.

There are only two types of people: those who want justice and those who don’t. Which group are you in?

In the faith.

Collaborated: Cristiane Cardoso

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  • Kabajwisa Bevelyn

    Yes indeed when we recognise our mistakes God is able to forgive us He is slow to anger and sees a sincere heart.

  • Kabajwisa Bevelyn

    God is faithful and just so we also have to be just like Him…

  • Julia Nghishiko

    I want justice, well it’s true when we are really sincere to God, we get closer and closer to Him. The Lord always know what we did, but He wants you and me to confess and tell Him “my God I did this and that” and am sorry, please forgive me. And He will, and the burden on your back leaves u immediately. We are not perfect, therefore we need the Lord Jesus in our life’s.

  • I Khauta

    i thank God greatly for this message for it has opened my spritual eyes, its taught me to realize and repent only if i want justice and the favor of God.

  • Atang

    This is true, because when we try to justify ourselves, even when we are not on the wrong side, we give God a limit to do the work, and it’s like we say to God He should stay aside and we will do all by yourself, while in actual fact, we should acknowledge our mistakes and learn from the rebukes, I choose to be just, even if it means being humiliated in the eyes of others.

  • Lira Maculuve

    This is the truth of those too kind of people in the world but for all of them the is a chance to be saved what is needed is to recognise the mistakes and ask for forgiveness and God can accept me and you.

  • Agrippine N

    no matter how my past is and how uncountable my sins, mistakes before God is, it does not matter. if i want justice, i can still get it. it is not for me to beat myself r condemn myself because of what i did, but is for me to run to the throne of justice and it will be given to me.

  • Kabelo

    Very true Mrs Cris
    They’ll always be two groups, and we’ll always be given an opportunity to choose, on which group we want to be among,The JUST or The UNJUST.
    Kabelo Tswaana

  • kodde colleen catherine

    God is so great no matter what we do He is able to give us another opportunity to make the right decision and the best thing is that we are living in the time of GRACE otherwise mankind would have been destroyed but the fact that He is merciful,we are blessed though we shouldn’t mock or make Him sad despite His Grace.AMEN!!

  • Hendrina Ngongo

    It is up to me to recognise the sins and mistake that I commit before God and humble myself to seek for justice. If not then I will be lost just like the other thieve who did not seek for justice.

  • Nthabiseng Thuntshane

    Its true that He is the God of justice, He doesn’t put us under pressure to chose which side we went to be even if we try to do thing with our own power He is always patient and waiting for us to repent and be truthful and just not with our mouth but through our action specially in difficult moments..

  • Nthabiseng Thuntshane

    Its true that He is the God of justice He doesn’t put us under pressure to choose which side we want to be even ifwe try to do things through our power He is always patient and waiting for us to repent and be truthful and just,not with our mouth only but with our actions especially in difficult moment..

  • Olivia Hobyani

    Thats one question to truly think about, what I realise between this two men is the fact that they indeed represent us in the days we living in.
    It is true When you say that not everyone who lives with injustice seeks for justice, i for one know very well that I have been where this rebellious men was, I was always on a defence mode and that i believe was due to the fact that I felt like I had nobody to look up to and nobody by my corner to Take my side so i always had to be on the look out for ME!

    Although it worked for some Time I soon realised after my encounter with Jesus that I don’t have to live like that anymore, I had to become teachable, responsible, and know that i cannot be in control of other people’s views, opinions or even thoughts about me. I cannot defend who iam but what i can do is to always acknowledge my mistakes, be responsible for my actions and know that for any injustice I go through, i have a just judge who is God.

    There is a lesson to be learned with every mistake but if I keep defending every situation I might shut myself out from progressing and growing.

    Jesus said that even when i appear before the unjust judge I should not even fear or even wonder what I will say…but He will speak on my behalf

  • Thandi Manzini

    God is a just God and is always waiting with open arms,for those who are humble enough to see that they need a saviour.That is request He has never failed to answer.

  • Ester Francisco

    God is justice. If we walk injustice, we cannot ask for justice.

  • Selma N Johannes

    This is true ,this are the only groups that exist, I thank my God for choosing me as his servant, if I only knew how lovely is to follow Jesus ,I couldn’t wasted my time the way I did ,I gained nothing from the world.but this does not matter anymore since God had already forgiven me because I had realized my mistakes and repented from my sin.

  • Mutesi Grace Kabanyankole

    It is up to me to recognise the sins and mistake that I commit before
    God and humble myself to seek for justice. If not then I will be lost
    just like the other thieve who did not seek for justice.