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I came from a well-structured home. My parents had an exemplary marriage. My father always spared my mother in any way he could, sometimes carrying all the problems from outside upon himself to not leave her worried, not because he thought he was stronger than her, but because he was taking care of her. My father always valued my mother, especially her emotional state. If she wasn’t well, he wouldn’t be well either. My mother, always respected and admired him a lot, and because of this, she also spared him of things she could take care of herself, us her children, were one of them. My mom was the one responsible for us, for our school, for our health, for our education, and for everything in the house. She would put us to bed early so that when my father would return, the house would be calm, lol… Finally, our home was a little piece of heaven because my parents knew how to be each other’s partners.

Meanwhile, when I got married, I expected the same thing from my husband, and that is when we started to have marriage problems. My husband did not have what I had with my parents. His father had divorced his mother, he cheated on her, and his mother had to make a way on her own to raise her children, her home, and all the expenses. My mother-in-law didn’t have anyone to spare her, nor love her, or take care of her for many years. Because of this, when Renato married me, he expected me to be that hardworking woman who suffered in silence.

He wouldn’t take care of me and I wouldn’t suffer in silence, loooooool! Now I can laugh about this, but in the past I only cried…

What I didn’t know at that time was that it was my responsibility to get what I saw at home, after all, I’m the one who had this reference – not Renato! Those who know how things work shouldn’t get upset with those who don’t, nor should they impose what they know to others who don’t– obviously!

Because of this, the responsibility of those who know is greater, and it should be their initiative to change.

When I stopped complaining, making drama and a long face, and started being like my mother, even if Renato didn’t deserve to be treated like my dad, soon after, he started acting like my father, my change made him want to change too. With my behavior, respect and admiration, my husband learned to take care of me like a responsible husband and to spare me like the most fragile part of his body.

Today I know that everything I had the privilege of having has become a responsibility to pass onto others, this is why I work daily so that women may know their value, learn to be mothers, daughters, wives, friends, feminine, and to use their faith in an intelligent way. This is the reason behind so many projects: Godllywood (for women to develop their value), Godllywood School (for girls from 6 to 14 to learn how to be women of God), Rahab Project (for women who need to overcome their past), T-Amar Project (for mothers), Marriage Course (for married and engaged couples), Therapy of Love (for singles, married, widows and divorcees), and all of my books and social networks – in every way I am passing what God gave me: after all, you can only give what you have.

In faith.

Collaborated: Cristiane Cardoso

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  • Jessica Moreira

    This made me understand, even though I am the daughter I should help my mum, sisters and father, what made me think more is that I can use my faith too

  • Nansubuga sumayiyah


    Thanks Mrs Cristine its a great blessing to me to learn to give or teach others what i know wholeheartedly than complaining about why things are not done how i wish them to be.