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Do you think it’s possible to fix, in 52 days, a destroyed capital and a nation that was delayed for 100 years?

Before answering, please, see the story of a simple royal cup bearer, who becomes a governor and restores Jerusalem without post-exile at around 446 BC.

The Babylonian captivity had ended and two groups of Jews had returned to Israel with Zerubbabel and Ezra. They rebuilt the temple, but a city of Jerusalem, its walls and doors remained in ruins, for more than 100 years.

At the same time, Nehemiah only saw debris, garbage, injustice and misery. The previous governors, who had the responsibility to do something about it, didn’t do anything. And the people, already used to the circumstances, did not react.

However, Nehemiah dared to believe in the possibility of a new nation in every aspect. Not only did he weep, pray and study strategies, but he rolled up his leaves and went to fight.

His steadfast leadership gained support, and he worked hard day and night. He sought profound changes both in structural, social and spiritual aspects. His integrity as a cupbearer continued the same when he became governor. They say power corrupts good people, but Nehemiah’s life proved the opposite. He had freedom, authority and power, but he never took advantage of them. I believe that these prerogatives make it easier for the bad roots that are already inside the person to flourish.

Within 52 days the work was completed and given to the population. The capital was secure to be inhabited again. The judicial system was restored, and the Temple’s services were restored.

Here in Brazil, our reality is not that different. Take a look:

Landmasses are in the hands of landowners who make them unproductive, while small farmer’s dream of having a small plot of land to plant.

We have the second largest herd of cattle in the world, and millions of people still go hungry.

We have the largest river basin in the world in our Northern Region, and among its population thousands of people without drinkable water. This region also has the greatest treasure in the world, The Amazon Rainforest, but is gradually losing it to international predators.

Our illiteracy rate is among the highest in the world, and some are counted as literate having difficulty interpreting a simple text, this is how incompetent the education offered is.

Let’s see the cases in the public health system, where patients are treated like garbage.

Cities, with high crime rate, have their worst crimes committed by youth.

On top of that, drug consumption is among the highest in the world. Not to speak of the deformed judicial system due to outdated laws.

In short, Brazil is a giant in its expansion and inequalities, from north to south.

And we, evangelicals, cannot hide praying for a miracle to save the country we live in.

It takes more!

In a democracy we have freedom to choose those who will have the power to change this reality.

But do you know how to recognize a good leader?

A big or small leadership, spiritual, political or secular can never be separated from the integrity. Intellectual and professional qualifications are not enough.

Choose those who have principles.

If we seek the high standards of Nehemiah, we can have a more just society.

Be a Christian, but also be a citizen of this world, well informed. Don’t run away from the reality or your social responsibilities.

Only we, the salt of this earth, can avoid this sick society from rotting to death.

There’s a way to fix Brazil, if we are less optimistic and naive and more conscience when it comes to voting!

Enough of being a country of the future, let’s meet the needs of the people in the present.

It’s never easy, but it’s possible!

Let’s fight?

Collaborated: Núbia Siqueira

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  • Maxine Lewis-Bodden

    Let’s fight.

  • Sherreiza Rahim

    Yes is true , it never easy,”let’s make the impossible to become possible..let don’t say I can’t everyone can!

  • Awor Carolyne suzan

    If we join force’s together we can make a difference.