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I appreciate the fact of having a father in my life. Although he may not have been able to be very present during my childhood as I would’ve liked, he was never far away or indifferent, quite the opposite.

Every time we would fall asleep he would only arrive afterwards, and when we would wake up we knew he had left, we only knew he had been at home because we would see in my mother a fulfilled woman. I think this is one of the main reasons why we always admired our father – he was always a good husband for our mother.

How could you admire a father that would make your mother suffer? A father that made you have a totally negative view about all men on earth? A father that wasn’t able to be faithful to the woman closest to you?

Before being a father, he is the reference his children will have. Is it sufficient to be caring, attentive, and not letting anything lack for them? This has been one of the biggest mistakes of many fathers, thinking they can continue being a father without first being a true man and husband!

I know that many have already made mistakes and have no way to turn back, but at least, treat the mother of your children with respect and dignity – if it’s not for her love, spare your first family from suffering because you weren’t strong enough to remain with her, and for the love you have for yourself, love your current wife.

The importance of being a father is so great that God Himself is called a Father. He wouldn’t call Himself a father if this role wasn’t to His stature!

God the Father is also the Husband of the Church, which means that a father is much more than a simple provider, like many around there believe is the greatest responsibility in the house.

The father is the alpha of the family. He is the one in the frontline, which spares all the others from problems or danger, protecting his family with his own life. He also cares, sacrifices himself, and gives himself for his nest! However, see that for him to fulfill this role, he first has to focus in doing all this for his wife, the mother of his children:

Husbands, love your wives, just as Christ also loved the church and gave Himself for it, that He might sanctify and cleanse it with the washing of water by the word, and that He might present to Himself a glorious church, not having spot, or wrinkle, or any such thing, but that it should be holy and without blemish.  In this way men ought to love their wives as their own bodies. He who loves his wife loves himself. (Ephesians 5:25-28)

This means that the husband who loves his wife gives himself for her so she an sanctify herself and become a woman that is glorious, without spots, wrinkles, holy and blameless – a woman that is above her age, her appearance, insecurities, in short, a woman who is truly happy.

This is what my father did for my mother, through her, he became an example of a man, father, and husband for me and my sister.

A happy mother makes her family happy.

In faith.

Collaborated: Cristiane Cardoso

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  • Nteboheleng

    We all need a father’s love but nothing beats the love of our Maker.

  • Nteboheleng

    We all need a father’s love but nothing beats the love of God .

  • Selma N Johannes

    It is very important to have a father ,He is the one that controls the house, mothers alone they are not strong enough to raise a child, let me put it in my case I grow up in a bad environment with a single mother ,I never experience fathers love and that was very hard for my mother to raise us the way it supposed to be ,there was a time we were so suffering nothing to eat ,I ended up with wrong friends that introduced me to drinking, parting and dating at a very young age just to get something.which result in pregnancy but if my father was present in my life supporting my mother to raise me, I could have been saved from all this.

  • Nekesa Janet

    this message has taught me not to take example of my father because he was not good to us.

  • Kabajwisa Bevelyn

    May God continue blessing this family

  • Khosi Phindiso

    Amen! ‘A happy mother makes her family happy’ indeed true!

  • Kabelo

    Bravo Mrs Cris.
    When the mother is happy,the whole family we become happy. But it all starts up there with the head,the Father.
    Thank you
    Kabelo Tswaana

  • Jossie Mulokoshi Kayoso

    This is true Mrs Crise,being a good father it’s not just about providing ,but it’s about being there for his wife and the women passes this to her whole family….this is what makes a happy family and their children pass on this to their families too.

  • kodde colleen catherine


  • kodde colleen catherine

    For sure this is true,as for me ii never experienced the fathers love because my dad passed on in my early childhood but most importantly i met the greatest FATHER who bridged this gap so i glorify God for this and really i agree that Jesus is our perfect example of what a father has to be.AMEN!!

  • Lavinia shipiki

    This was a very strong messages appreciate my father very much everything that he did ,but after i read this message i realize a lot of things ,that my mother went through because of my father ,i understand that love from the father is not only being a provider and being supportive but is to be there for his wife to love and to respect her.

  • Maria


  • Ester Francisco

    Thank you God for always give strength to my mom when my father was not with us, but now I also say thanks for my father come back to us.

  • olivia

    I guess it’s true when u say a father is a reference his children will have and im an example to that since I spent my teen years seeing marriage as a waste of time, looking at how my father treated my mother. I even made a vow to never get married!

    Eventually I started dating in my early 20’s then I made another vow ” if ever my boyfriend lifts up his hand, I’m gone” the reference my father gave me was that men are bad and my mom on the other hand was “why”.

    Nonetheless I thank God for entering into our home because not only is he showing regret for the way he treated my mother and also instilling fear in me but he is a men I look up to for future reference of

  • Mutesi Grace Kabanyankole

    This teaches of giving value to every comment my father could talk, I used to despise his words because he was not able to give me expected love as a father. But now I understand that no matter what he did what he could. No one can give what he does not have. I have to do my the best to my children when time comes.

  • Kabajwisa Bevelyn

    A father indeed is important May the Lord bless all the fathers for their great responsibility…

  • Kabelo

    God showed us what love truly is through His son our Lord Jesus, and by so doing He showed us that He is the Father of nations.
    All love and happiness started from Him.
    Thanks Mrs Cris
    Kabelo Tswaana

  • Kabelo

    I so wish and pray that God may reveal this secret to all the fathers,that why exactly they are called the “heads” of the homes,it is because everything starts with them.
    Be blessed more Mrs Cris
    Kabelo Tswaana

  • Hendrina Ngongo

    Just as true father who loves his family. God loves His children, takes care of them.

  • Mojapelo Mokgadi

    Wow I always knew that is very important to have a father figure in life but I never thought my father’s love had an impact on my mother’s happiness. This so strong, I wish God can reveal this to all men especially those who don’t have children yet so that the moment they say they want to start to have their own family, they may know that they must also be willing to be the best husbands and fathers to their families. A father who is always ready to sacrifice his life for his wife and children.
    Mojapelo Tumi (Turfloop – Lamp-post)

  • Ainima Liina

    A father plays a very big role in the family they are the head of the house, they provide security and make sure all is well. In my case, when ever my father is in the house i feel more safe than when he is not around.

  • Lerato

    May God bless all the fathers and reveals to them this blessing that they have. Thank you for sharing with us Mrs Cris.

  • Amanda fikile Sifunda

    When I grew up I didn’t stay with my father that made me feel like he didn’t care or love thing that I know of now is that I do have a great father who loves me a lot and cares for me which is God..He won’t forseek me