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At night, just before we go to sleep is the moment that usually we women start thinking about life. We analyze certain situations throughout the day and things we were unable to do. We remember the words we heard, what we said, what we weren’t able to do in our schedule, and so on. Until the moment we drift off to sleep, we don’t stop thinking.

Night even seems like a movie. Some thoughts are important and necessary, while others night dreams, lol.

That being said, if your thoughts are making you lose your sleep, then your dissatisfaction with life must be great and something has to change!

One of these days I heard an expression I liked, “All of us have to, one day or another, reformat our Hard drive.”

I laughed and then kept thinking about how the happiest people in life are those that are ready to reformat themselves.

Observe that, even equipment that is used to help us need constant repairs, imagine us?!

In some difficult moments, we have to find a better version of ourselves in order to overcome challenges.

Being frustrated, tired and complaining won’t change your reality.

Maybe the moment you’re going through right now isn’t the best, but it’s your reality.

Prolonged unemployment, or a job that pressures you with many obligations. A difficult relationship; something you have to do and don’t like; dissatisfaction with something in your physical appearance; a chronic health problem; and an unexpected loss can be some of those moments…

You can only overcome these things if you face them head on.

Know that this is the right moment to act, discover new horizons, new abilities and change your life around. What if instead you think about the possibilities in changing; a new profession, new friends, new thoughts, new habits…

Adjust your focus, be rational and renew your strength!

New things push us to grow. A new life is possible, just believe!

I’ll see you next week! 🙂

Young woman reading bible by stream

Young woman reading bible by stream

Collaborated: Núbia Siqueira

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  • monica

    thank you Mrs cris fr the incouragment

  • Nobom Ntonga

    Good day Mama Cristiane Cardoso

    Thank you for this massage, your post always blessing me, New things push us to grow. A new life is possible, just believe thanks.

  • Julianna

    powerful message
    thank you Cristiane may God Bless you and your family

  • Tina Ngqolombe

    Powerfull message and some of the things you just mentioned really happened and they made a difference in my life discovering new horizons, seeing my self growing and focusing. Thank you very much Mrs Cris what a blessed day

  • Nanyunja Angella Victoria

    This has really been an encouraging word to strong..

  • Palesa Jn

    Good evening Mrs Cristiane
    This is too much great full to me so I have to let go things that could not change my life