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Do you remember those cartoons where the main character always had a devil on one shoulder and an angel on the other? The interesting thing was that they both looked like the conflicted character. The devil was evil and urged the character to do what was wrong, while the angel tried to influence the character in the right direction — but the angel would always lose…

This is more or less how we live daily. The soul, which is our corrupt and deceitful heart, plays the role of the devil. The spirit, which is our intellect, plays the role of the angel. The spirit should be stronger than the heart, but the heart is always more attractive. It wants things without thinking about the consequences. That chocolate cake that just came out of the oven will give you a stomachache and make you regain those 300 grams you lost the night before, but you choose to ignore reason and eat it anyway. What a bad heart!

All that benefits us comes from the spirit. For example: when you determine that you will finish something that you start, it’s because you decided to do the will of your spirit; when you decide to forgive, to look ahead, stop crying over spilled milk, to let go of a friendship that is not healthy… Did you get it?

The decision of the spirit is very strong and always makes us proud of ourselves, as if we had won a battle that is usually lost. In fact, this is one of the consequences. When you do the will of your heart, you enjoy it for a moment, only to regret it later…

When you do the will of your spirit, you feel stronger than you thought you were. The problem is that most people can’t do the will of the spirit. They want to, but when push comes to shove, they simply can’t. This is one of the consequences of Eden. We lost self-control. We listened to what was evil.

This is why God sent His Son Jesus to save us: we are all doomed to hell because of our uncontrollable nature! Fortunately, those who accept the Lord Jesus as Lord and Savior, and live according to His teachings, end up receiving His Spirit, Who gives us the strength to take self-control back from the hands of the heart. Because I have the Holy Spirit, I am no longer controlled by my heart. And not only this, but He also has everything we’ve ever dreamed to have!

“But the fruit of the Spirit is love, joy, peace, longsuffering, kindness, goodness, faithfulness, gentleness, self-control […] If we live in the Spirit, let us also walk in the Spirit. Let us not become conceited, provoking one another, envying one another.” Galatians 5:22-25

The Holy Spirit is the love that many have never known; the joy that many seek but have never found; the peace that many had never had…

When we feed our own spirit, we draw closer to Him.

In the faith.

Collaborated: Cristiane Cardoso

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  • Olivia Hobyani

    I remember this exactly, how two tiny miniatures would be used to portray the Angel and the devil on a person’s shoulder, and looking at it now I can say that its soooo true.
    the depiction may seem like fiction, or part of the humor but in actual sense its the very struggle that we go through daily, stuck between right and wrong, going or staying etc. I always find myself in this situation when it comes to waking up, one part of me will keep reminding me ”wake up or u will be late for work” and the other saying ”sleep just a bit, you are tired and a few minutes wont hurt”
    My body will always react with a “sleep a bit” but then I find myself regretting afterwards, I’m still struggling with such but I’m learning to kick the blankets so far that I have no choice but to lift my head up and walla! it may seem harmless but these are habits that also affect the time I spend with God in the morning, the consequences are greater though.

  • Lanjaniaina RANDRIANTSOA

    The voice of our heart leads us to make a bad decision. We let ourselves go by our impulses, and always, we regret this choice. I identified myself on some points, but this post made me aware of my inclinations, and what I have to change. Thank you Madam.

  • Selma N Johannes

    This is true our spirit have to be more stronger that our heart because the heart always make us do things that we regret later, and our spirit make us do things that we will be thankful of ourselves later. When you received the Holy spirit it helps us to have self control, before I became serious with God I used to depend on my own strength,I used to do what I want which means I was being controlled by by my heart, but everything that I did on my own none of them brought happiness in my life but sadness and regrets. But when I decided to do the will of God that when I started enjoying the fruits.

  • Kabajwisa Bevelyn

    This is true I for one I could follow what my heart could suggest to me…But now am led by the spirit Of God….glory to Him…

  • Nomsa Siyenga

    It is try Mrs Cristiane many times we listen to the heart especially when making hard decisions and even though God do speak but we listen to heart and we destroy our own life.Going forward obey God’s words and do right.

  • Shekupe Shikale

    It is very important that I base my decisions based on reasons, my mind and not my heart. Regardless of how attracted my heart seem to be. That is were the Holy Spirit comes in, when I have Him I won’t follow my heart, I will reason and He gives me strength to act according to His will.

  • Ziningi

    If we are closer to God, when we have a decision to make we will always choose to do what is right by God.

  • kodde colleen catherine

    For sure many people play with the devil yet they don’t know that he is watching their lives but we should always watch about him and run away from him to Jesus.

  • Mildred Andisi

    Very true. Unless we are born of the Holy Spirit!

  • Thandi Manzini

    We need the Holy Spirit so that we can always be connected to God and Him in us, the devil has no power to influence us but we will be led by the Spirit.

  • eunice phuti mehale

    This is very true Mrs cristiane in most cases we like to play games with God such as I know He understand my situation and He will forgive me for taking that decision because when God speaks in our mind we tend to listen to the heart forgetting the consequences in that moment. And the heart is very deceitful. And following our mind can lead us to the right path which is hard yes but is the right way and following our heart which is in most cases emotions can take us out of the way and far from God
    That’s why all the time we must THINK if it will please God or not before taking a decision.

  • Agrippine N

    the voice of the devil always passes what is wrong, but easy to do. it always seems good though it leads to hell. God sent His son to die for us in order for us to have the right to salvation and leave in harmony with the Spirit that brings the fulfillment of our lives.

  • Gloria Katende

    Indeed when we follow the voice of the spirit that is reason, we become strong and happy in the end but following the heart makes us frastruated in the end..
    May God fill us with the Holy spirit.
    and to follow reason in the word of God.
    In faith.

  • Rabecca Wambua

    Very true we should always seek the spirit of God to direct us and teach us to say no to the desires of our hearts.

  • Amanda fikile Sifunda

    If you’re not born of God you loose self control and ended up doing wrong things.with God besides us it’s easy to do things cause we are controlled by his Holy Spirit not of emotions..The devil uses emotions

  • Lerato

    When a person have the Holy Spirit has self control, without the Holy Spirit, we don’t have self control.

  • Mpho Nkotsi

    I agree for when we walk by the Spirit we shall never satisfy the well of our flesh, for this is possible when we put our mind in things which are from above for we ought to know that this is only possible through the Holy Spirit who dwells in us.

  • Khosi Phindiso

    Without the Holy Spirit there is no self control.

  • Nekesa Janet

    it true

  • Jashia Anglin

    We must not give in to the desire of our flesh and we must not be emotional. When we have the holy Spirit we have self control

  • shadae

    Without the spirit of God we will always fall and give in to temtation…And if we always follow our heart and be emotional; lock of self controll we will always fail..
    But with the spirit of God we will go through hardship to have self controll, great long life ,success ,joy, peace and every great things in the end.

  • KAINO Hangula

    our is always standing out but if one does not have the Lord Jesus, than will be no a help, the one how gives strength to us to have control over our heart.

  • Joan Dove

    It is a fact that the heart leads us astray daily if we dont watch. I recently experiencd a big fight with chocolates. Had too much and began to develop allergy when I eat sweet things. It was hard to resist even though I knew the pain that would result from eating it. Strong determination helped me to overcome. God gave me the strength. Even though I pledged not to eat again, I dropped one in my bag two weeks ago, on my way out of the house. I fought the urge to eat it at work arnd then gradually the urge to eat the chocolates faded away. I forgot about it until I reached home that evening. since then I have not had another it’s been 2 weeks thank God.

  • Mutesi Grace Kabanyankole

    This teaches not to surrender to the desires of my flesh and I must not be emotional. Because I have the holy Spirit, self control and long suffering as fruits of the holy spirit help me us to overcome. Amen.