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“They probably think this about me. They said one thing, but what they really mean is something else. The way they looked at me says everything.”

Why are we so speculative sometimes? Why do we have to see far beyond of what’s right in front of us and hear words other than the ones said?

Are we detectives? We don’t need to do this, and we’d certainly avoid many problems if we stopped trying to read between the lines.

Place your emotions aside and be rational. If they said something, it’s most probable that that’s what they meant to say. You are not a mind reader so don’t try to pretend you have this power. They way they looked at you also doesn’t mean anything.


Collaborated: Cristiane Cardoso

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  • Daisy

    Wow so true! Thank you Mrs. Cris

  • MariB

    This is me all over. I tend to assume the worst as a way of stopping myself from getting hurt because if it happened or they really thought that way it wouldn’t hurt me. But in reality it always did thinking in this way it made me feel so heavy and so down inside. Therefore I will challenge myself to not be speculative from now on.