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You know when something inside of you tells you not to do or say something and you go ahead and do or say it anyway, get in trouble, and then wonder why you did not listen to that little voice inside you in the first place?

That little voice comes from your conscience. It’s your sixth sense. You don’t learn this in school and you can’t really be taught. It’s there since birth.

People deal with it in different ways though, some prefer not to think about it, others prefer to be stubborn about it, and others to fight it. They ignore it so many times that it stops working for them, as if it never even existed. But the consequence of that is a very sad and empty life, completely blind to what’s good or evil.

The few wise ones deal with it in a whole different manner. They notice it, listen to it, and work with it. Everyone else thinks these people are special, little do they know that the wise ones acknowledge an extra sense most people pretend doesn’t exist.

Collaborated: Núbia Siqueira

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  • Felicity S Ngwenya

    How I choose to ignore it sometimes and feel guilty after making a mistake. It tells me to control myself before I say words I won’t take back and very often I do not listen to it.
    Then pride comes after all that, I’ll rather kneel down and talk to God than go back and apologising for losing it

  • tlotlegolebodi

    very true..and i noticed that the more i listen to it the more i am always alert when i hear it. That voice would help me avoid mistakes if i listen to it all the time. I am commenting because i have just been tempted to say something when people were talking but ‘that voice’ kept telling me ‘just keep quite, don’t say anything’. and i know it was for the good because it was not necessary for me to speak.Thank you for sharing

  • Dulce

    What I learned from this post was that everyone has a sixth sense.. but only some know how to use it.. and if people ignore that sense then they will have a sad life .

  • Nekesa Janet

    I doesn’t know it but i have learn t from here.