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If you do a Google search, you will see several links about personality types, some say they are 16, others that there’s 8, and so forth… also there are several tests with appropriate questions so you can come to a conclusion about who you are. SINCERELY, we are a bit of a lot of things, which customizes our personality, if we can say that. But we have some stronger and more prevalent characteristics that end up implying that we have only one kind of personality.

As I said in my previous post, one of the features that stands out the most in me is being dramatic. I can see it came from my father’s side, but the interesting thing is that my father is not dramatic… as if this trait had skipped him and reached my sister and me, even though we both have different personalities. Strange, right? If both of us are dramatic, wouldn’t it be obvious that both would have the same personality? No, no and no…

Every human being is different and unique. Nobody is a copy of anyone, and nobody reacts in the same way as anyone else. When you expect someone else to do things the way you do, would do, or vice versa, you are being extremely unfair. This is how we stop developing who we are and our weak side appears.

Let’s return to my example by asking a crucial question:

When am I dramatic?

  • When there’s a lot of things to do;
  • When I receive a new and difficult challenge;
  • When time is short and I’m not able to fulfil something;
  • When I lose control of an area of my life or personal situation;
  • When I am misinterpreted;
  • When I have my own expectations and the expectations of others;
  • When things don’t go according to the way I want.

Notice how this list has to do with the way I deal with things around me, as if there was a formula and I wasn’t following it correctly.

Let’s go back to the list but this time, questioning it:

  • When there are a lot of things to do – FORMULA: EVERYTHING THAT YOU NEED TO DO HAS TO BE DONE. IT DOESN’T MATTER IF YOU ARE ONLY ONE PERSON. Wait a second, what ridiculous formula is this? If there are a lot of things to do, you will have to take longer to do everything, which is completely normal. And if you run out of time to do something, it’s because you ran out of time not because you were lazy.
  • When I receive a new and difficult challenge – FORMULA: YOU HAVE TO DO EVERYTHING PERFECTLY, IF NOT, YOU DON’T DESERVE IT. Wow, as you know a challenge, is a challenge and you’re supposed to know how to do it perfectly? I should be happy because I was counted on and they see something in me that shows that I can take up that challenge!
  • When I’m short on time and don’t finish things – FORMULA: YOU HAVE TO FINISH EVERYTHING, IF NOT YOU’RE A FAILURE OF A WOMAN. Again, if you couldn’t finish then you couldn’t finish, period. Time doesn’t belong to anyone, we are the ones who have to live inside of it. Could it be that this is some sort of pride to later on tell myself I was able to finish everything within the time limit?
  • When I lose control of an area of my life or personal situation – FORMULA: YOU HAVE TO BE IN CONTROL OF EVERYTHING. #RIDICULOUS After all, I’m not God! Only God has this kind of power and perhaps all this stress is because deep down we don’t want to trust Him.
  • When I am misinterpreted – FORMULA: YOU MUST HAVE THE RESPECT AND ADMIRATION OF OTHERS, IF NOT YOU’RE NOT WORTHY. #HELLO! This will never happen! What matters is that I know who I am and why I do what I do. God knows me and that’s enough. I shouldn’t care with what others think or stop thinking about me, after all, what we most have is people that only see wrong things in others!
  • When there are expectations for me from myself or others – FORMULA: YOU MUST SURPRISE AND ALWAYS BE ON TOP OF EXPECTATIONS. #EMOTIONALPRISON When it comes to my expectations, are they real or am I trying to be a super woman? When it comes to others, is it really that many, or is it because I want to exceed their expectations? #prideisasin
  • When things don’t go the way I want – FORMULA: EVERYTHING HAS TO GO MY WAY. Why? Do I know better than everyone else? Girls, if things don’t go my way it’s because my way isn’t that good or I have to be more patient and teach others how to do things the best way.

If I always check what formula I’m using to feel the way I do and question it, I’ll stop with the same drama as always. This is called “USING YOUR REASON”. My mistake has been doing exactly the opposite: “USING EMOTIONS”.

Look, to me, this is all very new. The way I saw things, I thought I was in faith… but no!

Being in the faith is using your reason when you have all the reasons to use your emotions.

Thank God for this revelation! Let’s do this…

In faith.

Collaborated: Núbia Siqueira

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