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Do you know that person who wants to be a mother for everyone? This is Zelfa’s profile, who’s portrayed by the actress Lucinha Lins, which I chose to write about in today’s post. She doesn’t have plans for herself, she doesn’t think about herself, she doesn’t worry about anything except the family she takes care of, as if this was her only purpose in life.

The problem is that no matter how much Zelfa takes care of this family, she doesn’t care for herself. The father is violent and abusive, the children are insecure and full of hatred, and the mother is insecure and weak. Zelfa wants to be the heroine of the home and all her efforts end up being in vain. They only listen to her when they need a shoulder to cry on.

This is the problem with people who think they can save others from their own selves. They don’t realize this and make it difficult for them to be saved. The more they point out their mistakes, the more mistakes they make. The more they warn them of the consequences of their choices, the more wrong choices they make.

No one saves anyone. We can point out the way for people, but it is they themselves who have to follow it. As much as we want to hold their hands and take them in the right path, the less effort they will make – after all, there is someone there cutting some slack all the time.

Zelfa represents many women who do everything to save their husbands and children, and who in return only take advantage of this to do what they want. This is just like a wife we counseled once, whose husband didn’t want anything with God, but always asked for prayers since he had financial problems.

Sincerely, sometimes, the best thing you can do for these people who feel indifferent towards God is to let them suffer the consequences of their choices. The right thing would be for Zelfa to live her faith and her life, and through it, show this. Every time she condemns idolatry in the Zac family, the more they get involved with it, deep down they look at Zelfa and think:

“You have so much faith and nothing in life… I don’t want to be like you!”

In faith.

P.S. The soap opera, “The Rich Man and Lazarus” airs Monday through Friday at 8:30pm on Record TV.

Collaborated: Cristiane Cardoso

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  • Hambeleleni Abed

    This is very true Ms Cristian. Most of the time we try to change others but we forget to take care of our-self (salvation). So, because we can not change them,and we did not lay a strong foundation for our salvation, we end up falling in to their way, and lose our faith in God.

  • Sherreiza Rahim

    There’re some people take a long time to build they faith and afterward they try to change people and make them to be somebody like them and end up being like that person losing they faith and they salvation . We cannot change someone , that person have to make a way to change their life ,they have to make a decision .

  • Sherreiza Rahim

    It never easy,”let’s make the impossible to become possible,don’t say you can’t you can!

  • Ester Francisco

    It is true that sometimes we do not want to look at reality and we try to change everything that is around us and we forget that change begins in us. That we are not only hearers of the Word but that we put into practice the Word of God. As the verse says, Or how shall you say to your brother, Let me take the mote out of your eye, when there is a beam in you?

  • Awor Carolyne suzan

    For sure the people around who do not know God we do not have to spend all our time talking to them about God, we should fight hard for God’s Promise’s to materialize in our lives for them to see the living God we talk about first in us.

  • Awor Carolyne suzan

    I have ever done that with my family members but the more you preach to them the more they make fun of you do I decided to be quite and let them suffer with whatever problem they are facing until they will see that me who is on God’s side I don’t face the same problems they are facing, and I have a weapon to overcome all problems, and they will come looking for solution.

  • Grace Motaung

    No one can save anyone the only thing to do is to direct them to the right way and its up to them to choose.

  • Portia Masina

    It is true MRS cristiane samthims a be come warit to much about ather people to forget about my salvation. Also there person hi must do his eford .

  • Lindiwe

    I have learnt that I cannot save anyone, i should let people who feel indifferent about God to face consequences.