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Since last Friday, we’re suffering alongside Jerusalem in seeing it being punished because of its pride, arrogance and disbelief in its reign. It even looks a bit like the situation in our country! The country suffers when the government doesn’t fear God, unfortunately. The thing is you have to keep your faith, because of it, at least you won’t have to go through inner struggles that those who don’t have it suffer with! This is what we see happening with Johanna and many other characters in this soap opera, who suffer alongside the people, but due to their faith in God, are able to make a lemonade with lemons, even if it comes out a bit sour…

But today we’ll focus on one of the characters that did exist during that time, and has conquered many Christians today because they understand him better, thanks to the soap opera: Jeremiah.

Jeremiah was a man used greatly by God that lived his entire life in servitude to God. The Word of God says that this prophet spent more than twenty years alerting Israel of its ruin, but no one heard him, as it’s clearly shown. The more time passed by, Jeremiah’s prophecies would lose strength, as if time was “proving” that things weren’t the way Jeremiah was saying. This makes me think about the many “Christians” we have today, that don’t go to church and think they’re keeping their faith alive in their own way. They don’t hurt anyone, and they also don’t need anyone, they live their lives according to what they think and justify, thinking that God understand all situations, and that at the end of everything, He’ll be comprehensive and won’t take their sins serious which they were committing deliberately.

This is what frustrates a true prophet of God, for he knows that these people are taking advantage of God’s patience and mercy. He feels God’s pain and because of this, is usually a person who lives in revolt. They don’t get deceived by the world, on the contrary, every year that goes by they get more disgusted by it. The prophet sees everything with the eyes of God, and so, he sees what those who are not spiritual cannot see… and this is why many get irritated with him and even come to the point of saying he is false.

Everything that you see happening with Jeremiah in the soap opera actually happened. He was beaten up, hit with stones, was thrown into a pit, he was slandered, criticized and hated. And this is what happens with those who are of God, because those who are not will never subject themselves to such injustice… even if they are guilty. Have you noticed that many corrupt people have been revealed but don’t admit their mistakes? They say that have nothing to say, even if facts say otherwise!!! But when it comes to the prophet of God, there are no facts because he didn’t do anything wrong, but there is slander, gossip, and every type of judgement.

Jeremiah suffered a lot, but his greatest pain was seeing the suffering of the people of God: the people didn’t even care. And as we have been learning every Sunday in the Revelation meeting at 6pm; the majority, unfortunately, that say to be Christian will be left behind on the day of the rapture. Just because they hear so much talk about the coming of the Lord Jesus, they think that it won’t happen so soon, they postpone coming closer to God until life is “less busy”, they think God won’t leave them behind… After all, He is a God of love…

There is no love without justice.

There is no love without limits.

There is no love without sacrifice.

There is no love without obedience.

There is no love without forgiveness.

So… love only saves those who are willing to live life based on His principles. Stop placing on the responsibility on love – it won’t do for you what you have to do!

God loved Jerusalem, but despite that, it was invaded and destroyed by the Babylonians.

Here is another warning: when you speak badly about a servant of God, you are speaking badly about Who he serves too – be careful! All those who did and are still doing this paid a very big price…

In Faith.

P.S. The soap opera “The Rich Man and Lazarus” is airing Monday to Friday at 10:30pm on Record TV (Brazil).

Collaborated: Cristiane Cardoso

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