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Daniel is one of the characters that I most admire in the soap opera “The Rich Man and Lazarus”. 🙂

I already admired him just by reading about him in the Bible, and now in the soap opera even more…! Very few people know that Daniel was one of the greatest prophets of the Bible. I don’t even think he knew how much importance he had in the story of the people of God, besides writing a book in the Bible, Daniel was one of the few men that received a revelation of the end of times.

Let’s understand who Daniel was:

Daniel was born in a noble family of Israel (Daniel 1:3) and therefore had access to a great education. But, unlike many born with this same privilege, he feared God, and his nobility and education did not make him independent of the Most High. On the contrary, he had an intimate relationship with God – something very rare to find, especially in youth.

Your youth is normally seen as a time to “take advantage of” and “experiment” “everything”. Because of this, many youth are inconsequential in their purposes, after all, they think of fixing all the wrong things they did later on, when they get older. The problem with this thought is that they will reap in their adult life what they plant in their youth. And worst of all, the bad fruits are so many that their adult life will become a burden to many.

Daniel represents many Christians that grew up in church and don’t need to suffer like their parents to know God. They grew up in a Christian environment, happy and had access to the best education in the world – a structured family. The fear of God is evident in their lives, they get rid of bad friendships and are not influenced by the trends of this world. They are considered strange in school and university weird by other youth who don’t understand their faith. They don’t care about the opinion of others: they prefer to please God. This is why I identify myself so much with Daniel!

Contrary to what many people think, that it’s easy being a Christian in a Christian home, the reality is, at times, it’s just the same or even more difficult than if they were born in a worldly family. We didn’t know the world, nor did we experiment it to later on turn to the Kingdom of God – we just simply rejected it. We had to be strong and brave to be different from the other youth of our age. It was the same thing with Daniel.

When he was taken to Babylon, he could’ve easily forgotten about God, but didn’t. That’s where he got closer to Him! Different from many youth that enter high school or university – soon after, they leave their faith to acquire worldly habits. It’s sad to see so many “Christians” depending on the environment they’re in, in order to use their faith.

Daniel made it a point to be faithful to God even in the smallest things, even living in the palace and having access to the “best” (Daniel 1:8). And, immediately, God honored Him.

Now God had brought Daniel into favour and compassion with the master of the officials. Daniel 1:9

This means that, he became his favorite chief, despite being different from the other wise and noble people in the palace. Many people sacrifice their faith only to be accepted by others and they end up not being accepted nor honored, exactly because they’re not faithful to the only One that could sort this out…

Daniel pleased God so much that He Himself created opportunity to reveal Himself through him. We can see this with the nightmare God made King Nebuchadnezzar have, just so that He could reveal it through Daniel, and immediately, the King place him as governor of Babylon. Yeah, it’s just as the Lord had said:

…for those who honor Me, I will honor, and those that despise Me will be humbled. (1 Samuel 2:30)

Sometimes, at the same time you ask God for something, you get the feeling that He didn’t hear you. Who knows, maybe it’s because perhaps your prayers are being rejected, because you are rejecting Him?

For Daniel to stay faithful to God in that incredulous environment in Babylon, he had very important habits for his faith, but that post I’ll leave for tomorrow. )

In faith.

Collaborated: Cristiane Cardoso

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  • Zalina Hosein

    Daniel sure has the characteristic of a person of true faith and who possess the spirit of God. This message is beyond strong. This message is an eye opener for myself. To please God beyond your earthly desires you really need to have an intimate relationship with God. I will sure strive to draw closer and closer to my Jesus.