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Today I’d like to dedicate this post to one of the characters in the soap opera “The Rich Man and Lazarus” that most resembles the women of today: Amytis, the queen.

She is strong, confident, and in control of her emotions. Amytis seems to have the world at her feet. Married to the most powerful man at that time, King Nebuchadnezzar, she is one of the most influential and powerful woman of that time. However, her influence didn’t expand to her children, who are completely different from her, and because of this, cause her many “disappointments”.

The problem with Amytis is the same problem of many modern women, who see sensibility and affection as signs of weakness. Amytis is not loving with her children and we see clearly how they suffer because of this…

Evil-Merodach, the firstborn, is extremely insecure, because he grew up hearing from his parents how weak he is. He does not have the same ambition as his parents and doesn’t see the point of so much violence in order to achieve power. He is the type of person who’s always looking out for the well-being of people, and because of this, is a bit naïve towards those who want to harm him.

Nitocris is extremely futile and does whatever she can to call her mother’s attention, even the unspeakable, which has revealed insecurities about herself. However, she’s ambitious, but not because she sees herself capable of making the difference, but because she’ll get more power and prestige in the kingdom. For sure she isn’t a likable character, but she’s very fun and I think if she had the attention she needed, she’d be a bit less rude with people.

Kassaia is also insecure, and because of this, she does anything for her husband’s love, who is the center of her life. She is dominated by her emotions, but at the same time, is sincere and good-natured. She’s always very kind, delicate and caring, Kassaia is the type of person that easily conquers anyone with her feminine nature of being.

Can you note that all of Amytis’ children are insecure? How can a mother who is so confident have insecure children?

The answer is in the way she sees her children. Unfortunately, Amytis doesn’t have good eyes towards the qualities of her children, on the contrary, for her, as well many modern women, those qualities are weaknesses that could easily make them vulnerable before others.

The modern woman thinks that, in order to be respected, she needs to be powerful, with a certain look of arrogance. This is why it’s hard for her to say a simple, “I love you” to her children, or give a kiss on their cheek. She thinks this will weaken her before them, when actually, she’d be making an enormous difference in the way they see her.

Care, kindness, delicacy, graciousness, comprehension, affection, praise –  all these things are important for a relationship, whether it’s from mother to child or wife to husband. Don’t be an Amytis in this life, who thinks that in her harsh and cold way is what’ll protect her from others – it’s a fact, these things will separate her from others, like a princess who lives in a tall tower, surrounded by dragons.

Do you want to be different? Always seek to express what you feel for your loved ones, it may be through words, gestures, or even compliments. Don’t economize what is good, nor think that what is good weakens someone, on the contrary.

In faith.

P.S. The soap opera, “The Rich Man and Lazarus” airs Monday to Friday at 8:30pm on Record TV.

Collaborated: Cristiane Cardoso

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  • Makananelo Mosotho

    Honestly to show others that l appreciate whatever they have done especially if it is something good that motivates them. It does not mean that they are going to undermine me.

  • Miora Razakanaivo

    Bonsoir Madame! C’est vrai qu’il y a des différentes caractère de femme mais la plus part des femmes ont des mauvaises caractère envers sa famille, son entourage. Merci de nous avoir aidé à faire la différence entre une de bonne caractère et une femme de mauvaise caractère .

  • Julia Nghishiko

    This is true, I almost became such a woman. One who was expressing herself as someone who does not cry, hardly complemented people, I was cold. But today I am transformed by the God I found in the Universal Church. I learned crying, or complementing someone does not mean I was weak. So am really glad for everything I learned in the Godllywood group.:-)

  • selma shipopyeni

    I was that type of person that was very closed up. I never thought it was neccesary for me to tel my family members or friends anything. I always thought that they knew me yet they didnt. I did not want people to see me weak so i never showed any emotion infront of anyone. Through the word of god and through the godlywood i learn to open up and this is how i got transformed.

  • Selma N Johannes

    Sometimes children end up being the way they because of the way their parents are treating them,sometimes parent think they are being string but they are destroying the characters of their children.