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In November 1888 was the year slavery ended in Brazil, this should’ve meant freedom for black people in the country, isn’t it right? But it didn’t happen!

Let’s talk a bit about racism and freedom.

But before we do, read this disclaimer: The ministry of intelligent faith warns you! Reading this post may cause irreversible changes in the way many think about feeling inferior, persecuted or wronged by society, due to the color of their skin, and could cause anger, aggressiveness, and disagreement from black militants, NGOs, activists and all kind of pro-black (anti-white) movements.

Considered yourself warned! Lol…

The idea we usually have about racism is that white people do not like black people, isn’t it? Wrong! Racism consists of a certain type of people who do not like, avoid, harass or exclude another type of people. You see, I did not write “races” but people, because we are all human, and if we belong to a “race” it is the “human” race, not white, black, Asian, indigenous, etc. And this is the point I wanted to touch is the fact that we are all human beings, people, persons and for many, that’s what least matters.

I’m not speaking to those who judge or reject us because of the color of our skin, hair, physical body, etc. I speak to the “victims”, I speak to you black woman, that just like I have also felt pain for being who you are, for having dark skin, I speak to you who dreams of a better world without racism, I speak to you who think we would be happier if there were no racists, I address myself to you when I say:

Stop dreaming of a world without racism and stop being a racist first!

Stop waiting for a law to secure you a spot in university, and start developing your intellect by leaving behind self-pity!

Stop wanting to be accepted or chosen by someone!

Stop choosing doctors, political candidates, friends, artists, spiritual leaders, employees, and even boyfriends, just because they’re black like you as if that was the determining criteria of success in your choice!


Yes, you and I, even though we are black, we can be racist, and this happens every time we act in the ways mentioned above, choosing people we IDENTIFY ourselves with only by the color of their skin, when I avoid another person because she is white thinking she will not understand me, when I am judge and classify someone with this prejudice because they chose someone more capable than I for an activity, in my head it only happened because I am black. If you’ve ever seen yourself in this situation, you’re a racist!

We, people who one day decided to adopt the life that the Word of God teaches, cannot in any way submit to such slavery, the slavery of the mind, intellect, intelligence, and do you know how you can be free? Following what the Bible says, asking and seeking the answers there, and then applying them in your life.

Take the focus off of racism of others and begin to find your own, hidden under the rug of your victimhood. A person’s life changes only when the focus is on herself.

I do not live in Bobby’s world nor in Alice in Wonderland’s world! I know that people like this exist, white people who consider themselves superior, and do not miss the opportunity to assault, humiliate or exclude another person who has dark skin! But I just decided not to fight to weaken or punish them, or to prove something to them, I decided to fight to strengthen myself. I decided not to waste energy feeling less or inferior, I decided to build myself from the inside out, and such construction makes the aggressions received only hurt on the outside, lol, they do not scratch the tank of war inside me. 🙂

I would like to invite you to do the same, to free yourself from reversed racism, to not judge white people more and to condemn them, not to accuse others of racism because you have not been chosen for this or that, instead, choose yourself to be happy, be fulfilled in God and with your faith, increase your standards, live each day being a better person, believe in God and in you, only then you will leave the spiritual and mental slaves quarters to enjoy freedom which was granted to us one day, not by Princess Elizabeth, but by the Most High God!

Therefore if the Son makes you free, you shall be free indeed. (John 8:36)

By: Bianca Carturani

Collaborated: Cristiane Cardoso

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