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So, we agreed in the previous post that God does not require perfection from us. We are the ones who always require this from ourselves and others. I keep asking myself why we like complicating things so much!

But, this doesn’t mean, in any way at all, that we shouldn’t strive to please God. Honestly, some Christians believe that pleasing God is just doing the minimum possible: going to church once a week, doing the right things most of the times, and professing their faith in Him. God is not complicated, but He’s not just anyone either. He doesn’t agree with this kind of faith. For Him, it would be better for you not to believe in Him than to have a lukewarm faith.

God is spirit and the only way to communicate with Him is through faith. You cannot have a relationship with God based on a good sensation that you have Sunday mornings or the tears that you shed every time you hear the story of His Crucifixion. Faith is not a feeling and also not necessarily going to church, reading the Bible or praying (and asking for prayer).

If you want to please God, the first thing you should work on is your faith.

• Faith is to believe in something you cannot see.
• Faith is that God is right next to you, see every movement you make, hearing every breath you take.
• Faith is seeking God instead of others when you feel sad or need a shoulder to cry on.
• Faith is doing the right thing, even if others don’t like it.
• Faith is going against everything that belongs to this world.
• Faith is to be far away from evil and shut the doors every time it appears.
• Faith is focusing on what God promised, no matter the circumstances around you.

This is the first step to please God: using your faith – not just in church, but mostly outside of it.

Faith is good for us. Don’t complicate it, just do it.

Collaborated: Cristiane Cardoso

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  • Mrs Janice McIntosh

    Good afternoon Mrs Christiane this is well said and straight to the points

  • monica

    thank you Mrs very true about what you write here

  • Thandiwe Sidumo

    Thank you Mrs Cris

    Indeed our faith is the only link to God, I will work on my faith in order to please my God.

  • Zoleka Apolisi

    Indeed Mrs Cris it’s like that,it’s not easy but it’s how it suppose to be even with our father Jesus all the days of his life He never got to rest,he faced challenges, temptations and so on but He didn’t change the mission that His father our Lord sent Him to do He stood still up until the end and if “we” believe in Him we must accept to live as He has lived here on earth amen

  • Nekesa Janet

    AMEN .when we have faith we can link to GOD not only in church but everywhere we go .