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You must have already heard this expression in the church, mostly at the UCKG, but do you know what it really means?

Many people deceive themselves into thinking that passing spirit is speaking about spiritual things. But one thing has nothing to do with the other. Anyone can speak about spiritual things – even those who are not spiritual. Passing spirit is so much more than speaking about the Bible.

I had an experience in Japan that will help illustrate this better. There, we had an opportunity to visit an orphanage, a way the pastor’s wives have found of evangelizing for almost 7 years. When we arrived there, we sat with the orphanage coordinators to let them know we wanted to do more for those children, but we were surprised with a strange questions, after all we had been doing that for many years… “What are your intentions by coming here every month?”

To be honest, I was shocked. How could they doubt our intentions after everything we’ve done there? That’s when I began speaking about our faith in helping those children, because as much as the government tried to give them education and leisure, they still had an enormous emptiness inside of them.

As I was speaking, another pastor’s wife was translating in Japanese, the thing is, she didn’t speak in the same tone of voice as me, she didn’t emphasize the words I emphasized, she wouldn’t even use the same terms as me. I was firm and confident in our intentions, and she was sweet and would summarize things. We ended up leaving in the same way we came in. We were unable to achieve anything again.

I was trying to evangelize that woman, but my translator was softening my words, that is to say, I was speaking strong but the translation would weaken everything I would say. It was frustrating for me. I think God feels the same way when He sees people speak His Words in a weak and calm manner.

Passing spirit means speaking about something that you believe in with so much conviction, as though what you’re giving comes from inside of you, as if you were taking a piece of yourself and giving it to those people.

And this is where the difference lies between meetings and meetings, evangelizing and evangelizing, blog and blog, podcast and podcast, program and program, counseling and counseling, book and book.

When you speak in the flesh, the subject may even be understandable, but that’s all that is achieved: theory, information. All you can say is, “Very interesting.” But when you speak in the spirit, you drink from the spirit of that person. You say, “I was blessed today.”

It’s not enough to be spiritual, you have to pass spirit, and for this to happen, live first what you want to pass. This way, you’ll have what to give.

In faith.

Collaborated: Cristiane Cardoso

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  • Elida Garcia

    Wow I never even thought of it that way, but from now on every time I speak to someone about God’s word, I will pass spirit thank you very much 🙂

  • Mothugi-Botswana

    Thank you for the message.Live first what you want to pass. This way, you’ll have what to give..If I do the opposite,I will only pass the information. Very true and I agree.

  • Botshelo Kikong

    Hi Mrs Cris!When I started reading this message,I answered a question you asked at the begin “Do you know what passing the spirit REALLY means?”And I said yes,in my mind but after I read everything,I realised that I REALLY didn’t know a thing but now I know and I’ll start putting it into pratice.

  • Nyakato Joy

    Amen.Thank you Mrs. Christian I can’t say anything else u said it all. I can only say I am humble and eager to drink from this spirit so I can pass real a Spirit .many times I have been a victim in trying to please people I think God must have been very displeased with me that is why I sruggled so much but reaped nothing by then but now I retrieved from my mistakes. I am blessed, I thank God for the teacher.The Holly Spirit.

  • Tsoakae Rangoanana

    Thanks Mrs Cardoso for the massage
    I humbly ask about this do that I may not lose my blessing of reading the massage:
    How can someone who is not in the Spirit speaks the things of the Spirit?
    For it they are foolish to these world or you talk about things like when Jesus at 12yrs left in the Temple ask the priests ….and they were so suprised?
    Sometimes I use to be confused like:
    I like reading the Bible.Whenever I read The Lord speaks something.Whether to rebuke reveal something to bless me or for me to bless others.
    But not once that I lost that precious gift of reading my bible because men of God sometimes preached as if it was wrong like to collect information religiously and nothing changed.
    You there’re those who are lazy even to read the magazine.And many times when other members saw me reading use to make those discouraging signs and speak by themselves trying to pass the message that:I’m better even though I don’t read for my life changes.Most times these affects.And I slowed down and lose a lot and the same pastor started to say others they don’t read the Bible and I was confused and told myself that I’ll not listen to anyone when comes to my relationship with God.Or I’ll make sure I understand clearly so that I may not lose my blessings.That’s why I ask even though my English is not clear please help me about this topic.Amen may God bless you for us all.

  • Palesa Jn

    Hello Mrs Christiane
    Thanks : This message is truth because I have seen when people are evangelist to the church. As the evangelism was of usual to the extend that people have tricks of why they are not caming to the church. That is when I learnt to evangelise with the spirit and that allows development to the one being could be solved by God .

  • Anastasia

    Strong message! It happens alot, sometimes we keep ourself from passing the true Spirit for one reason or another. For instance, when I read something from the Bible or from one of the blogs and completely understand what is meant then later on I have the opportunity to pass the Spirit to someone who needs it; inside I feel confident in what i’m about to say but I always end up summerizing and being sweet to the person because I don’t want them to take it in a way that’s too much for them. But from reading this blog I understand that I shouldn’t hold back, I should pass the full Spirit, that even though the person thinks its harsh in the moment, sometime later they’ll sit and truly meditate on what was said to them; this way the Spirit was really passed.