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In the previous post, we spoke about personality, which changes a lot depending on the circumstances. It’s true that each one of us has some traits that stand out more than the others, and today I’ll speak about me…

I’m quite dramatic. I don’t know if you’ve noticed it in my seminars or in the small clips that I post on my social networks, but it’s even funny. I move my hand, arms, head and my facial expressions a lot – all because I want to emphasize a problem. People like me tend to be dramatic in everything, when they share an experience, they use a few unnecessary details, but that make all the difference when someone wants to emphasize what they feel. Yeah, that’s me. Sometimes this trait makes my husband, family and my friends laugh, but sometimes, it complicates things…

It complicates things because sometimes, being overdramatic is harmful, since when I’m in this mode, I’m not seeing what’s important, and I’m losing time with what won’t make the difference. Another bad thing is that deep down, this is a way of getting attention, as if you always had to be the center of attention, and when I think about that, I hate this trait – this is something that isn’t my style. I like to be in the back, behind the scenes, on my table writing or on my hammock reading.

In other words, the personality that is well known among your friends isn’t always the personality that is good for you. This doesn’t mean that we have to stop being who we are, but to understand that we shouldn’t let ourselves be who we have always been.

I’ll never forget when I climbed the highest mountain in the UK with a group in the church. We started climbing at around 8 o’clock in the morning and only made it to the top around 3 in the afternoon. We only prayed for a few seconds, and started climbing back down, because we didn’t want to climb down in the dark. Sometimes I would fall in the snow, and my will was to stay on the ground right up there of how tired I was, but someone would always come to cheer me up and help me get back up. After hours of climbing down, not feeling my legs very well, and with the sun almost out of sight, I looked down and the houses looked very small, implying that we were still very far off from reaching the bottom of the mountain. I fell into despair and began to cry. I feel ashamed to remember this event, besides it being a dramatic scene before Renato and other friends around us, it revealed something in me I had never seen before. What was the point of climbing the highest mountain in the UK, if when I came down, I came down crying?

Today, ten years after that happened, I see how much I need to change the way I am, which until recently I thought was part of me. Drama only strengthens what is bad and weakens what is good. It strengthened my fear and weakened my courage.

When I look back, I see the same pattern in every challenge I face… when we started the Marriage Course in Texas, the Live Love Talk Show when we arrived in Brazil, which then continued on Saturdays on Record, live as well, and live seminars, etc. For many people it’s like a walk in the park, for me, honestly, it was drama before and afterwards, to the point of tiring my mind so much that I couldn’t use it for anything else after one of these events. And look, it took some time getting used to these challenges. On Record, I would make so, so many mistakes that one day my husband said, “Until when are you going to treat this program as a burden?”

That’s what a drama queen does. Everything becomes a burden. And here’s a question, what kind of offering will I be giving to God this way?

“Be strong and of good courage…” Joshua 1:6

It’s not in vain that God told Joshua, to have good courage because it’s possible to have bad courage, which for me signifies, drama. Enough of drama. Every challenge is mean to be difficult, however, it’s a conquest.

And you, have you been able to change the bad side of the personality that you’re known for?

In faith.

Collaborated: Cristiane Cardoso

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