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“Let him kiss me with the kisses of his mouth—For your love is better than wine.” (Song of Sol. 1.2)

A continuation of our previous post…

Before the distractions the modern world brought to society, wine had a very important meaning. It represented joy and satisfaction and was a principal item at parties and celebrations. Unfortunately today, wine has become a drink that many take to forget their problems. It completely lost its meaning, so much so, that you don’t need a special occasion to drink wine.

In order to understand this Biblical analogy, we have to remember the original purpose of wine. It was exclusive in that period, which is why the author mentions that the love of The Lord Jesus is better than wine. It was better than anything that could give you joy and satisfaction. It’s better than good news, celebrations, or the happiest days of your life… His love alone is infinitely better.

This is why, when you know this Love, you won’t exchange it for anything else, which has been happening so frequently with Christians… “I left my faith because of a relationship”, “I left Jesus because I had a lot of financial problems”, “My faith got cold because I no longer had time to come to church“, “I left the church because of a scandal…

They never knew this Love… It’s not comparable to any other wine in this world, which come in the shape of relationships, friends, money, “likes”, social networks, trips, richness, material goods, a career, children, homes, purses, etc.

In the faith of “Let the weak say: I AM STRONG.”

P.S. The soap opera “JESUS”, coming soon to Brazil, will lead you to fall in love with Him once and for all…


Collaborated: Cristiane Cardoso

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