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Letting your faith become cold and then falling is a danger that surrounds a Christian who’s on his way to achieve salvation. In order to explain this risk, The Lord Jesus spoke about three consecutive parables, speaking about the same subject in the book of Luke (Luke 15).

The examples used where a sheep, coin and a son, that were all lost. Different elements who were lost for different reasons.

Reflecting about the coin in specific, we see that, even though it’s a coin with small monetary value, the Lord Jesus used it as an example to show that all His children are important. For Him, no one is more worthy or deserving of His attention. To show this care, our Savior puts all His effort to recover the “lost” coin.

In that time, it was common for houses to have unpaved floors, and this way, dirt could easily hide a coin and bury it. So, in order for it not to be lost forever, a lamp had to be lit. Afterwards, the housewife had to clean each room meticulously, in order to find the coin.

It is understood that coins are souls; the woman, the church; and the lamp, the Word of God. Now the act of sweeping the house symbolizes the diligent job of the church in taking care of people, and in case one gets lost, it should continue seeking until found.

Each soul is precious for God, because of this, He does not accept to easily lose even one. When a child leaves His presence, it causes Him profound suffering. On the other hand, nothing pleases Him more than to find him again and have once again in His arms.

God’s love is so great that no child can replace the place of another in His heart. To imagine the size of this care for us, He has reserved blessings and purposes exclusive for each one.

Those who get lost in the faith, like the example with this coin, stay down on the ground. Aside from this, he gets stepped upon by the devil and becomes disfigured because of sin. However, before the eyes of the Almighty, he is still His beloved treasure.

It’s worth remembering that, the fault of your fall cannot be placed upon our Savior, because His care towards man was never lacking. But, it’s necessary to want to be found, which means, recognizing it’s your fault and repenting, that way you may be restored and return to the Hands of the Lord, where you should’ve never left.

See you next week. Until then!

Collaborated: Núbia Siqueira

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  • Nekesa Janet

    its true what we need is to humble our self and obey.

  • Shemeika

    Hey Miss Cristiane……… I’ve heard this parable numerous times but​ never the less what always amazes me if the fact that it doesn’t matter what makes us to be separated from God but his arms are always open in wait for us too return to him.

  • Lineo Motloli


  • Nteboheleng

    This is so true,humbleness is an enormous step to salvation.thanks Mrs Cris

  • ifashawna anderson

    This is very strong.

  • Nekesa Janet

    AMEN .but it upon me to either humble myself or not.

  • Matefo Makume

    We are like the lost coin. That when it get lost the owner will search for it until it finds it.God compare us with this lost coin, we are souls God take care of us, He have a great love towards all of us so much that when we make a mistake and fall , He will search for us until He finds us, when He finds us He will be very happy and renew us, make us a new creation.

  • Sweny Kuvare

    That’s so graceful to hear. I can not imagine how great it that love really, that brought me back from being lost to now that i’m found by Him. I was this lost sheep, coin and in my case daughter, i thank God really for finding me though i was stepped upon He restored me.

  • Palesa Jn

    Hello Mrs Christiane
    This teaches us that we must consider the mercy of God by taking It as privilege for us to be saved.

  • Marissa

    This is very strong We must not be like the lost coins . God doesn’t accept to easly loose us. In order for us to be found we must seek Jesus and repent of our sins in order to be restored with the Lord.

  • Zalina Hosein

    We need to want to be found by God. His love abd nature of caring for us is irreplaceable. Repentance shows humility which we must have to conquer salvation we must never blame God for falling in our faith; we are only drawn away by our desires because the Lord God never tempts us.We need to always seek God’s presence so we won’t get cold in our faith and allow satan to step on us.

  • Jada Felicien

    So interesting!
    I was once in that situation and I got trampled upon by the devil so badly that I had a great shame upon me to even return. But then, when I could no longer take the devil’s traumas I gave up all this heartaches, began praying and returned to the church feeling all beaten up!
    I fought until the end and gave up everything tiny winy thing that was taking away my peace and received the Holy Spirit on the 12th of March of this year. I am blessed! Thankful ^_^

  • Natesha Alexis

    I learnt that God love each one of his children equally and no one person is more important to him than another and we must accept that if we get lost on our way to salvation we must repent and also accept that it is our fault and not blame God. When we receive the correction The Lord will forgive us because nothing it more important to him than our soul. Thank you for this message

  • Grace Motaung

    God loves all of us,all we need to do is to avail ourselves to him.

  • Selma N Johannes

    Yes this is true i agree with you Ms, We need to be in faith all the time so that our faith will not grow cold and fall, because it will be hard to come back, we have to to be wise in choosing the type of friends we stay with,we have to see if they are bring us closer or far from God. And so those that gave up it is not too late to come back as long as you realise your mistakes and repent from your sin and sin no more God He is so merciful ,He will wash away your sins as long as we don’t blame anyone. I was also lost in the world now I am found by Lord Jesus,and I am so thankful for that because with Him I got all that I have been looking for in the world but I couldn’t find.