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If you pay close attention, every decade has its trends. Some are so strong that the effects are like ocean waves: years go by, and people continue talking about it, as is the case with Beatle mania and feminism.

Today, we are in a time where the body is worshipped, which is why there are people who spend hours on end, every day going to the gym. They take steroids or endure risky surgical procedures. After all, for many, everything is worth it if “you feel good about yourself.”

Unfortunately, another wave also exists in this decade, and there are signs that it will remain for many years to come: the need to give an opinion about everything.

Humanity has come to the point of thinking they only exist or become visible if they comment about everything they see or hear, even if they don’t understand the topic.

Moreover, this ‘fashion’ has an aggravating factor: disagreements. Many times, I have seen people disagreeing with texts or a simple post, without even finishing reading it until the end.

They oppose out of the simple pleasure of self-approval.

This behavior doesn’t stop just there. Behind the computer, or on a cellphone, there are those who take “courage” to write or say brutal things, which they would rarely say if face to face. People see the internet as a way to flee from responsibility, so they curse, embarrass, judge, humiliate, lie, and make up stories with evil intentions.

I think that the fuel for so much rudeness and insensibility is out of frustration, hate, and sadness inside of their own soul.

The worst part is that after “vomiting out opinions” which were not asked of them, there is not even a small hint of repentance or retraction. In these moments, I feel like I belong to another generation, lol. Some time ago, accidentally bumping into someone caused you to apologize to make up for what happened. Today, peoples consciences are seared so that virtues such as reflection, prudence and discretion have turned into defects.

I commend communication, I respect the point of view of others, and I am also open to change my ideas about certain issues.

I don’t believe that the way of proving myself is by letting the whole world hear my opinions. Shouting, arguing, being over the top, offending others or any similar attitude is not worth it.

What we think or feel about a reality should not always be said. We may be mistaken by our own perceptions or third-party comments, therefore, a good measure of caution and common sense will only do you good.

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Collaborated: Núbia Siqueira

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