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We absorb so many lessons in the movie “Nothing to Lose”! All of them are very significant, but I would like to emphasize a few of them here:

  • It all began with a sincere surrender that Bishop made on the Altar, while he was still young. In his prayer he gave 100% of his life to God. This prayer was marked by his acknowledgment that he still did not know Him. From then on, he was not only born of God but also gained a passion for souls.
  • Another lesson was the willingness to renounce the world in order to please God, even if it resulted in losses, as with girlfriend, with friends, and in having fun.
  • We also saw Bishop’s reactions to the rejections and adversities he faced, always resorting to God and His justice. He could have kept grudges, justified himself or gone in search of help in people, but chose to believe in the Most High.

Another part that struck me a lot was the prison scene, in which Bishop, although publicly humiliated, trusted that this situation would somehow contribute to the Work of God.

He told all of us, who were so afflicted in knowing what he may be facing in that place, “One day we will share this story with joy!” Time passed and finally, this day arrived!

Of course, we have reaped good fruits from the persecutions over the years, but like this, in thousands of movie theaters all over the world, we could have never imagined.

Therefore, we can never see the circumstances as unfavorable but look upon the promises of God.

What He has promised to us, He will certainly do, if we do not doubt.

Sometimes, in the midst of life’s problems, we think we won’t win!

Perhaps you are living in a moment as dark as Bishop’s cell and in your mind, thoughts come telling you that there is no way out for your life, that everything is ruined.

But this is not true!

I have learned that the greatest miracles happen in the midst of the worst struggles and pains. That is, for the Most High to manifest Himself, problems need to arise.

Example: How would Martha and Mary see the miracle of the resurrection if Lazarus if he had not died? Likewise, how could Bishop and Mrs. Esther have such a great testimony if they had not been confronted, rejected and persecuted?

As the Lord Jesus saw from the heights of the hill that His disciples were weary with the mighty storm in the midst of the sea, He also sees our difficulties and draws near to us (Mark 6:48).

The Savior knows what point of life you are in right now, how many tears you have shed and how intense your fight is. But He will never let you perish if you decide to trust in His Word.

So, do not disbelieve because you prayed a couple of times and did not see the answer. Close to the fourth vigil, Jesus arrived “walking on the water” to help His disciples. That means God knows the right time to take action and will never be late. What seems like the end for us is for Him the beginning of an extraordinary miracle!

Decide today to look at your desert and see a fountain in it where countless blessings flourish, just as it happened to The Universal Church of the Kingdom of God. For us, paths have been established. Where there was no way of passing, He created a route of victory. Where doors were closed, He opened them in a manner incomprehensible to man.

This LORD who has been glorified in the movie “Nothing to Lose” wants to manifest Himself in your life, all you need to do is surrender yourself to that faith. And like us, you will also say that all the good promises of God have been fulfilled in your life.

Collaborated: Núbia Siqueira

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