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The blacks are at a disadvantage in front of whites!

We black people are discriminated against everywhere.

It is easy to speak of racism when one has had an opportunity in life.

If it were not for this new government law, what would we be of us blacks?

Surely you must have heard or read something like that before, haven’t you? Don’t tell me you’re the one who thinks like this? So, let us help you.

But first…

* As usual, pay A LOT of attention to our disclaimer: The Ministry of Intelligent Faith warns: This text is NOT intended for people who are not interested in living by faith, adopting divine conduct, being living proof that someone who has had everything go wrong, can overcome and glorify God. If these are not your goals … STOP NOW! Do not read this post! 🙂

It’s common knowledge that today we find various ways of talking about the same subject, or different ways of debating issues and defending points of view. No doubt we live in the age of ideas, ideals, and ideologies, it’s a confusion, isn’t it? Everything resembles each other but diffuses in different ways when defended by its militants, but in the end, there are always people to accept, practice and reap the fruits of it all.

Did I confuse you even more?

You see, those who develop an “idea” swear that it’s not just a simple idea, they claim it’s tried and true.

Those who defend an “ideal”, give everything of themselves, live for it and claim that such an idea is perfect, good and sufficient.

Those who create an “ideology” in turn are a little more daring, present themselves as an unquestionable, unbeatable and certain god who will dominate even the decisions of others, and let no one dare to disagree with them.

Now, we can get to the point…

All of us are someone’s disciples, there will always be a person, a voice, and thought behind everything you think, feel, do and live. An idea, an idea or an ideology is guiding you, and behind all this, somebody. And you, have become a disciple of that someone.

Do not rush to claim that you have been discipled by God through His Spirit (thoughts), before answering 3 questions:

What idea do you stand for?

Which ideal do you pursue?

What ideology has made sense to you?

You may be a person who attends a church, fulfills his duties as a Christian, and yet is allowing himself to be discipled by the militants and movements of this century. The fact that you do not go to the streets with banners, participate in protests, or raise flags publicly does not mean that everything that has been spread throughout the world is not inside you, and in a very discreet way, you have been encouraged.

The invisible militants and movements have discipleship you, little by little you have repeated what they say, little by little you have accepted, little by little you have lived it, and soon you are also defending it and leaving completely the sense of Divine reasoning.

People discipled by God, defend His causes, feel His pain, strive for His purposes, then do not take sides, only do what is right from the standpoint of faith.

There is an invisible militancy in your mind, stating that whites are enemies of black people!

There is an invisible movement within you, encouraging you to sit back and expect to be reimbursed by the society for past sufferings.

There is someone who disciplines you, until you think, act and look totally like them, and I assure you that this is not God!

Think of how God is, and soon you will see that He would never create inferior and higher people, He is just!

So if God is just and did not put the blacks at a disadvantage before the whites… Why do I have to be helped more than a white person? Why do I have to wait for the government to create laws in my favor? Why does rejection from others hurt me so much? Why does a joke have to be so offensive? Why?

Well, if blacks were disadvantaged just because they were black, there would be no black people on the face of the earth who succeeded, without studying but achieved their goals (as we see in thousands of testimonies within the church). Would success be the exclusive privilege of whites? No, a thousand times no!

Do you know why there is this supposed disadvantage? Because we blacks want to compete with the strength of our arm, we want to win by the means that the world preaches a person should overcome, we want the merits that the world offers, and none of this is valid in the universe of faith. There exists faith in action, there is no need for godparents or advantages, and faith does not need diplomas, inheritance, good speech or all your teeth. That is faith!

If we take into account the years of slavery and all the rights that black people had hoped to attain, then I might even see this disadvantage, because it would be like a race, where whites came out and we blacks just got started years later. Well, that’s what it’s all about, looking with natural eyes, seeing how the world sees, and those of faith will NEVER see as the world sees. For our “disadvantage” puts us in total dependence on God, so it does not exist because we do not believe in it, we believe in God and in ourselves, period.

While some sit, cry and complain, others jump and win!

What do you want to read in this post? That Blacks were predestined to suffer, to live on government help, and always, always to feel disadvantaged by the color of their skin? Or would you rather read that, EVERYTHING IS POSSIBLE FOR THOSE WHO BELIEVE?

Jesus said to him, “If you can believe, all things are possible to him who believes.” (Mark 9.23)

See that the condition is to believe and not be Caucasian, tall, short, handsome or not.

Instead of burning your energy feeling offended by everything you’ve read, make the above lines a fuel to stand up and change your story!

Note: If you are one of those living testimonies of the glory of God in someone’s life, who had everything go wrong, and yet won, and without the help of the government, black defenders, landless, without father or mother etc.

Share your story in the comments, now if you are black and won in life because the government or some Afro-descendant advocacy knocked on your door and gave you gold bars in restitution to the years of slavery of our ancestors… None of this applies to you, and the one who spoke and wrote is no longer here!

By: Bianca Carturani

Collaborated: Cristiane Cardoso

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