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We have inherited from modern times the “rapid rush”, the fast thought process on many issues, but, most of all, we have suffered with this avalanche of information poured upon us.

We’ve gained in many areas with the advancement of technology, but we’ve failed to develop spiritual perceptions that only a mind connected to heaven can perceive.

This happens because Divine revelations do not come when we are distracted with entertainment or selfish and idle thoughts, but instead when we keep the Holy Text in our mind, until we absorb the Truths contained in it for us. Many times, what God wants to tell us is in between the lines, commas, pauses, or even one word, that until then, never had called our attention before.

Jeremiah’s example teaches us how to meditate and hear His Voice. The prophet preached to the Southern Kingdom in its last 40 years of history (626-586 a. C.). Although it happened a long time ago, there is something it has in common with our reality: the majority of people during that time would Hear the Voice of God, but they ignored it, just like today.

The Almighty would always speak with the prophet, and he was not as indifferent as the people, take a look:

Your words were found and I ate them.  And Your word became to me the joy and rejoicing of my heart… (Jeremiah 15:16)

Jeremiah considered what God spoke to him like a delicious feast, worthy of being savored with patience and dedication. Therefore he used the metaphor “eating His Word”, because the prophet considered the food sacred for his soul.

The Holy Scriptures have an infinite depth, they were defined by the Lord Jesus as “Spirit and Life”, this way, they are never meant to be understood in a natural way, but only with a devoted and disciplined faith.

Human intelligence is not capable of having someone understand the mysteries hidden in The Word, for they are only revealed to those who actually love them and, “day and night”, meditate on them.

So, one evident sign that someone belongs to God is the intense love toward His Word, visible in the person through a joyful, happy, spontaneous, and disciplined devotion towards His Scripture. It’s not necessary to push someone who is really a child and a new creation to have a relationship with His Scripture, because they make it their spiritual fountain of sustenance and vigor.

Don’t waste your time and life far away from God’s will towards you in His Word, but fill your mind with thoughts about Him, for that will determine your actions and reactions in life.

If you liked this post and became interested to learn more on how to meditate in the Bible, I will speak more about this in the coming weeks.

Until next time!

Collaborated: Núbia Siqueira

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  • Daisy Natalie

    Amen, Mrs.Chris! Many times before actually devoting my heart, mind and soul in my faith, I would let the rush of the day control my spiritual life. How? Well if I had to leave home and I missed meditating. I would feel bad because deep down I wanted to but I didn’t stop myself from rushing. Finally after analyzing how I was I determined to change that situation and wow it’s great. My reltionship with God grew, I understand more when I meditate on His word. I see me as testimony of someone not giving up on intelligent faith. Thank you for sharing today. God bless!

  • Selma N Johannes

    Selma N Johannes
    This is true,meditation is very important, meditating on the bible changed my life,God spoke to me through meditation, that where I learned what He likes and what He does like. The way I used to feed my life physically with things of the world, this is what am doing now feeding my soul spiritually with the word of GOD by meditating.

  • Tusubira Jennifer

    Amen reading the word of God its the only way to feed our spirit

  • Julia Nghishiko

    What I learned from this message is that, the word of God is very important in our life’s. I remember meditating on this verse in the book of Isaiah 41:10, were the Lord Jesus talk about, that we should not be discouraged, that He will strengthen us and help us. Now every time I am facing a difficult situation I remember this verse. Then I make a short prayer. My point is meditating on His word is what strengthen my faith.

  • Ritha siyesu

    Amen very strong and I’m waiting to read the next post.. it’s true we should not waste our lives far from God but we should come close to him and we can do that by reading his words.

  • Lira Maculuve

    For me to read or to meditation in the world of God i see bing important to me because is the weapons for me to overcome my fears and to grow spiritual and to be close to God.

  • Nikki Karitas

    This clearly reveals to us that it’s only those who love the word of God that understand it because when one loves the word of God, they meditate upon it.In addition,we see that its it’s one’s love for the word of God that shows they are from God.Cheers!

  • Nikki Karitas

    This clearly reveals to us that it’s only those who love the word of God that understand it because when one loves the word of God,they medicate upon it.We also come to understand that one’s love for the word of God is a sign that they are from Him(God)

  • fiina shikesho

    We have to be truly be in spirit when reading and meditating on the word of God, you will never understand what God wants to say to you if you separate your thoughts with other things while reading the bible. keeping myself from all the distractions and clearing my thought and being connected to Him always helps because when you start meditating on his words there is always a scripture or two that will speak to you.

  • Lezaundray

    Meditating on the word of God day and but night is very important,it keeps me closer to God,because when I talk to God I pray,but through His word He speaks to me. In whatever situation I find myself or whenever I inquire about something or also when I don’t know what to do at times,I ask God to speak to me and He does,He answers me,He gives me exactly what I need in that moment through His living word:)

  • Nekesa Janet

    it is true that whenever we meditate in the word of GOD we become strong through His word and we understand HIS WORD

  • Portia Masina

    It is important For us to maditate there word of God becouse there is the scripture that true that God whant to speak to me.

  • Khosi Phindiso

    That is why for me the fast of Daniel is very important because this time I can literally switch off from the busyness of this world and focus on meditating on God’s will for my life.

  • kodde colleen catherine

    Yes miss cristiane,the word of God says that in the last days people will grow cold therefore lose the love to meditate and practice the word of God but this shouldn’t happen to the elect of God because this is the only way the Holy Spirit speaks in these end times.for me i decided to draw closer to God through meditating on His word more(daily) and am seeing great results,glory be to Jesus!!

  • Thandi Manzini

    Very true Mrs Cris,most of the revelations I have had, have always come when I was meditating.

  • Nomsa Siyenga

    The important way of communicating with God it true meditating and makes your prayers strong and effecting when you refer to the bible quoting His words.

  • Lindiwe

    I have learnt that I will only understand Holy Scriptures if I have a disciplined faith. And I have to always think about God.

  • Palesa Jn

    Hello Mrs Cardoso
    Yes to put the word of God into practise is our strength to see what God creates for us Being done.