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At the beginning of the Christian walk, the majority of people are fearful, because the memories of their bad past are still vivid. But without their care with their spiritual life, with time this memory fades and the values and principles learned are gradually lost.

The fear of God is the most important because it’s what makes obedience possible. In the absence of this, the person becomes loose and unrestrained for any temptation.

It means to say she is in great danger because very often everyone is urged by evil to sin in some way against God. Pay attention that even the Lord Jesus heard tempting proposals from the devil. However, out of reverent fear for His Father, He resisted firmly and showed us how we should immediately react to any evil attack.

But when faith no longer goes hand in hand with this fear, the person becomes vulnerable to these attacks.

  • Without fear, she will no longer maintain her integrity before the easiness of being dishonest and stealing;
  • Without fear, she will no longer resist the temptation of clicking on pornographic material that routinely arrives uninvited;
  • Without fear, she will no longer remain serene and will retaliate to slander;
  • Without fear, she will no longer oppose bad influences at work, in school or in her circle of friends about drugs, lies, sex and evil things;
  • Without fear, she will no longer guard her heart when she is wronged and judged;
  • Without fear it becomes nearly impossible to not be hurt by the betrayal of loved ones;
  • Without fear, desires will arise in your open and unprotected mind and, day by day it will succumb to the flesh that wants to be satisfied.

But while a fearless person has many excuses to fall, the one who is fearful, even though they have disadvantages, remains faithful. She has everything to turn away from the faith however her fear is a defense, that’s why she fights to have pure thoughts, intentions, and paths.

Look at the magnificent understanding of fear:

My flesh trembles for fear of You, And I am afraid of Your judgments. (Psalms 119.120)

The psalmist said that he doesn’t just feel love toward the Word of God, but his soul trembles for fear of the judgments of the Most High in response to sin. The hair on his body stood up with goosebumps because of the dread of discipline he would suffer if he transgressed.

Notice that he has a fear of God and for God, that’s why he turns away from sin.

Whoever carries this fear, fears and trembles only by thinking of losing the privilege of being in the presence of the Almighty One. In this way, to not run the risk, he is perfected day to day by his communion with God. Every word heard or read in the Holy Scriptures speaks deeply and nourishes the spirit.

On the other hand, the one who lost this fear can have knowledge about the same things, but is distracted until the time comes when the devil will knock him down with a single blow!

Basing your life on fear is basing it on the Eternal Rock and this way living safe forever.

Until next week.

Collaborated: Núbia Siqueira

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