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One of the most negative points of this generation is the overwhelming inconsistency in which many people live in. Many people live their life and fulfill their projects depending on how they feel, this is why they have constant ups and downs.

They cannot stick with their thoughts and decisions, one day they’re excited to start a new course and develop professionally, the following day, they don’t even want to open a book. One day they decide they will fight for their love life, the next day, they throw in the towel and give into sadness and frustration.

One day the believe in the Word of God and the next day they doubt everything. One day they want to pray, fast and evangelize, and the next day they don’t want to even leave their bed.

This is terrible, because people who act this way see the years pass by like water between their fingers, without glimpse of any success. It’ll be very difficult for them to accomplish their goals, precisely because they lack determination to follow a purpose.

I remember the Words of the Lord Jesus when He said:

From the days of John the Baptist until now, the kingdom of heaven has forcefully advanced, and the strong take it by force. (Matt. 11:12)

With this teaching, the Savior shows clearly that, just like in that time, a warrior will have to use all his strength violently to take a city, those who want their salvation also have to grab on to the opportunities offered by God and never let go. In other words, you must be completely determined not to listen to your emotions, or your wrong perceptions, friends, improper content and anything that puts at risk your goals.

You cannot hit the target when your soul behaves like a roller coaster, it rises up towards the top, and then suddenly it descends with full power and returns to the same starting point.

Maybe your life is the reflection of this amusement park ride. Although you have great times with a lot of excitement, you remain empty and get nowhere, because you are always returning back to square one.

To change this picture, decide what your priorities are today and fight for them with all your might.

The Kingdom of Heaven will only be possessed by those who are filled with fervor, devotion and will, who will immediately grasp the opportunity of Salvation offered by God.

Until next week!

Collaborated: Núbia Siqueira

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  • Selena Amado

    Wow! Thank you Mrs Cris, I needed to read this. I wasn’t planning on reading but God just answered me.

  • Thoko P. Chimvula

    Thank you Mrs Nubia, this post is exactly what is going on with me, now i know what it is and will violently work on it.

  • Sandra Tshuma

    Oh my word this is talking about me. Just what I needed to hear. Thank you ladies.
    I really need to focus and work hard!

  • Palesa Jn

    Good evening Mon Cristiane :I go through that journey to pass and overcame the way I lived in for longtime being leaded by the emotions and as for that God opened my eyes spiritually how to fight and overcame the emotional spirit and politely thank this message for the gives of perseverance in my life

  • Britney Ellis

    Amen. This post is very strong I learn some much from this one post. Thank you so much. I’m going to put in practice my goals and dreams.

  • Julia Nghishiko

    Now this is me, and I realised that this was not good for my faith. And from now on I will stop living a life of doing things based on how I feel, with Gods help.