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A logo embraces in its shapes and colors the signature values and objectives of an institutions existence.

Understanding this, the Universal Church of the Kingdom of God (UCKG) has as its symbol a heart, which signifies the love for those suffering, and a dove in the center, representing the Holy Spirit. It’s Divine purpose in the world is leading human beings to receive the promise of the Almighty: His Own Spirit. However, it’s not just a simple graphic, but a symbol that carries in itself a commitment from its bishops, pastors, assistants and other volunteers in turning the Holy Spirit the center of human existence.

For us, it’s the urgent mission of leading people to have a true encounter with God, because this way they will receive from Him a new heart ready to embrace this Priceless Treasure.

The work of evangelism is done with precision, not only for people to enter the doors of a temple to find the solution to their problems, but for them to obtain, through the preaching in the Holy Scriptures, the regeneration of a new nature.

Those who listen to the teachings of the Gospel show in their own life that Pentecost was not restricted to only the primitive Church (Acts 2:16), but that it’s the most grand promise from the Almighty for today as well.

It is proven, in biblical history, that men as well as the church, when they overflow with the Holy Spirit, they don’t get intimidated before insults, they don’t retreat before injustices and don’t quit battles against evil.

The spiritual discernment and the vision of God’s greatness make the UCKG not satisfied with what it has done up to now, because we know that He can and wants to do much more through His children, according to the Holy Word (Ephesians 3:20).

We celebrated so far, 40 years with a firm conviction that all the victories we’ve achieved is because of the Holy Spirit. It’s because of His infinite power, that the UCKG has maintained its passion for the lost and its missionary vision towards preaching the Good News of Salvation.

If you hear the intimate call of the Almighty to “Go and preach”, don’t hesitate in doing it!

Collaborated: Núbia Siqueira

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  • Maxine Lewis-Bodden

    Amen. Thank you.

  • Mildred Andisi

    I give God glory for Universal Church. Its here that I met God and He gave me answers for all questions I had. I found peace. I am free from every oppression. Sometimes I wish I knew about universal church earlier but at the same time I thank God He found me in my youthful years. I now treasure my Faith in God above everything else.

  • Tusubira Jennifer

    I Thank GOD, that i came to know the universal church,and i make sure that God uses me to bring others to receive the same life that i have now

  • Nekesa Janet

    It is true that when you relieve the Holy Spirit you overcome everything in life.

  • Ritha siyesu

    Amen thank God for using Bishop today my family and I know God.

  • Ritha siyesu

    Amen I thank God for using Bishop today my family and I know God.

  • Kiwanuka Brenda


  • Lira Maculuve

    For me the door of the universal church is the opportunity to a new beginning because the work of the Holy spirit is to clean you and give a hope for being a new creation and a hope of getting the most important thing that is the salvation of the soul.

  • Nikki Karitas

    The love and compassion for souls of the Universal church is simply incomparable.

  • Kiwanuka Brenda

    Yes, when God gives us His spirit, He expects us to have the same vision for loving souls as they are, then mold them so that they can be reflecting the same example as the Lord Jesus.

  • Awor Carolyne suzan

    Its such a wonderful opportunity for me to be part of the 40th celebration of great wonders that God has done in the lives of many through universal church and iam one of those who have received the Promise’s of God their lives, I give Glory and honour back to God.

  • Awor Carolyne suzan

    As the symbol of the heart States the love for those who are suffering, indeed I have experienced the love of God that He passes to his people who are in suffering through the men and women of God in universal church , I got to know UCKG when I was so much in need and only God would rescue me from the pain and suffering I was in .

  • Awor Carolyne suzan

    I arrived at UCKG when I needed God the most, I didn’t know what to do, but the men and women of God that I found embraced me with love and care that I had never received before, they taught me the Promise’s of God and how to put it into practice so that it may materialize in my life.

  • Awor Carolyne suzan

    In universal church I learned to live a life according to the word if God, I did not only found solution to the problems I was facing in my life but I found salvation, I found God, and the God that I found I preaching to many who are still in suffering to come and find solution in God too.

  • Atang

    Thanks to the Holy Spirit for such a great inspiration He gave to the Universal church to save souls that are lost and suffering. May He be our guider and stronghold forever, and may many of us hear His call to be the Priests that will show His greatness to the entire world.

  • My Rose

    Pheladi Mphahlele

    Having a Holy Spirit is a second blessing as we find it after the deliverance,it gives us strength and power to our life.It gives us an innermost within us,it guides us all the time because He is good to us.

  • Ziningi

    It is through selfless acts that the Church of God is moving forward. Its doing what is in the heart of God.

  • Kabajwisa Bevelyn

    Amen May HolySpirit Strengthen us more in His path…

  • Jane Orenja

    For me this message is so strong because this is the only church in my life that i have witnessed divine intervention of God in my life. This makes me to testify clearly the presence of his spirit in control of this movement of faith in the world.

  • Agrippine N

    UCKG is my home. I learnt so many things that i didn’t learn anywhere else. I achieved many thing I never dreamed I would ever have, the salvation of my soul- the greatest of them all. I thank God for using the leaders of universal church and as they reached me, i will reach others as well to know the Lord.

  • Kabajwisa Bevelyn

    May God continue to guide me in spirit..

  • Kabelo

    Very true,.
    The uckg brings to us the faith that the Almighty promised, the faith of the Holy Spirit. And through the guidance of the Holy Spirit, we move.
    Thanks Mrs Cris
    Kabelo Tswaana

  • Lavinia shipiki

    Wonderful message, the holy spirit is the everything in my life,is a key to everything ,the reason of my happiness and joy.the holy spirit keeps me serving GOD everyday of my day, everyday i woke i thanks the holy spirit that i came to the universal church and i receive GOD ,I RECEIVE THE HOLY SPIRIT.,beside all the challenge that the universal church has went through w, we are saved and we keep on saving soul for the holy spirit is with us.

  • Maria

    The work of the Universal church is unique, so different, unexplainable this is because of the Holy spirit. I never thought I will have peace. I lost all hope to live and trusted no one. I felt alone , depressed, rejected by all and suicidal . I cannot forget the first day I put my feet in uckg and my baptism day. This work of saving souls will never depart from me.

  • Mutesi Grace Kabanyankole

    Its so amazing when it comes to the wisdom of this world, the last becomes the first with God, such wisdom is foolish. I learnt from UCKG to serve God’s people not matter of their dignity. and I love do work for God.

  • kodde colleen catherine

    For sure Mrs Cristiane,when one meets the Lord Jesus he or she can never hesitate to save or pass life to a soul in suffering because this person cannot stand and see people going to hell since he received the seal and true character of his creator.This is the most important thing in this life,the ENCOUNTER with Jesus and the UCKG opened my eyes.Glory be to Jesus because now am part of His body.AMEN!!

  • Selma N Johannes

    The Holy Spirit is true it is the seal of the UCKG because this Church is a serious Church for serious people, this Church really care for the souls, the mission is to take care of those that are really suffering and they really need change from God.Bishops,Pastors and assistance they are really working hard to win souls to the Kingdom of God.God is and His spirit is working in the UCKG because I didn’t know if I could ever let go of everything that I had let go. This is really the power of God not mine.

  • Lerato

    I thank God for Universal Church, today me and my family knows God.