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“Let him kiss me with the kisses of his mouth—For your love is better than wine.” (Song of Sol. 1.2)

In a very distant past kissing someone on the lips would only happen after marriage; but as time passed it started happening during the dating phase and has now become a common thing. It has lost its true meaning and is practiced as a vulgar act that can even happen between strangers on the streets.

Though kissing on the lips has lost its value in today’s society, it doesn’t mean that one day it wasn’t the beginning of a new life between two people and represented more than just a “casual relationship”. To understand this biblical verse we must first understand that in the past a kiss had a great meaning of significance.

It represents our Lord Jesus! He wants to have this kind of relationship with us, the type that you not only hear or talk about, but one that causes you to receive kisses from His mouth.

When I think about Him and speak to Him, it’s like He is kissing me. There is sweetness in my soul, my heart even starts beating faster. Not only do I feel loved and valued, but He gives me the assurance of who I am, therefore I don’t need to worry.

Oh, if only everyone felt His kisses! They wouldn’t feel so lonely, anxious, disillusioned, bitter…

There is no kiss like His!

Tomorrow, we’ll continue meditating on the rest of the verse.

In the faith of “Let the weak say: I AM STRONG.”

P.S. The soap opera “JESUS”, coming soon to Brazil, will lead you to fall in love with Him once and for all…

Collaborated: Cristiane Cardoso

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