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The word “auxiliary”, in the society that we live in, has a connotation of someone inferior: that is subject to another: that does not have liberty or recognition.

I present these definitions because some biblical translations made the term “auxiliary” refer to as the woman before the man in a marriage. Other versions gave this narrative of God the interpretation of “helper” as you can see below:

And the Lord God said, “It is not good that man should be alone; I will make him a helper comparable to him.” (Genesis 2.18)

For me, the term “auxiliary” and “helper” both have the same nature for our mission in a marriage.

Something that helped me to “find myself” and act in the right way with my husband was to understand that the Lord Jesus used a term similar to “helper” (a word with the same equivalence in Greek, the OT was written in Hebrew) to describe the role of the Holy Spirit in the lives of the children of God.

Therefore, if the Spirit of God, who guides us, supports us and helps us in times of trouble is not inferior to us for the role He fulfills, women also are not just because they help their husband.

This term is so valuable that at other times it was used in the Scriptures to describe God’s own coming to the aid of man.

So, I want to say that I see no depreciation in helping, assisting, supporting, or playing a secondary role in marriage, as long as I fulfill in my husband’s life that for which I was appointed by my Creator.

It is written that the man needs a partner, needs good advice, someone to support him in his challenges, to vent his anguish, or even a person who is silent at his side during difficult times.

We were created with intelligence, sensitivity, courage, joy, disposition, and many other qualities that find the perfect purpose in helping the husband and family to develop.

Although the order in many homes is reversed, that is, the husband became the woman’s helper, God’s will and determination for marriage did not change. On the contrary, what He said thousands of years ago remains the same, and this is the beginning of a happy relationship. You have no idea how good it is when each one occupies his or her place in the marriage!

Nothing against the woman who works or holds an important leadership position in society. If she is married, in the house, she has a different role than she does in the company in which she works. Your authority outside to give orders, commands and deciding everything alone does not extend to your spouse.

If you are a woman know that, losing the essence (the purpose) of the original plan for your creation, your life will not attribute glory to the Divine purpose. Nothing can be worse for the human being than living and not honoring God’s call for him.

I know that not all women will be able to understand the depth of what I’m talking about here. And this is because not all of them have the Bible as their Life Manual.

To conclude, let us think together: if man alone is incomplete, how is his life if he is connected to a woman who is not a helper?

We see many husbands who, although they have the place of their ribs filled with a woman, remain lost because either their wives do not know these truths or reject them, which is worse.

I will conclude by saying that the woman who discovers the beauty, the reason and the joy of serving as her husband’s helper will not want another place. Therefore, I believe that once a helper, always helper!


Collaborated: Núbia Siqueira

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