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Rise up, you women who are at ease, hear my voice; you complacent [who feel secure] daughters, give ear to my speech. (Isaiah 32:9)

Many people find it hard to be in spirit, and much less hear the Voice of God, and the answer to this is in the verse above: they are at not at ease nor do they feel secure!

To be at ease and secure is to be worry free and confident. As long as we’re here and there, trying to resolve the whole world and getting stressed because of it, we don’t give ears to hear the Words of God – even when it’s right in front of our face!

That’s the case when many times we write a super spiritual post and many people don’t understand or didn’t read carefully what was written and assume something that wasn’t said, getting it all wrong. This is how many are creating problems where they don’t exist…

Girls, friends, dears: how about, today, you give to God all your worries, anxiety, rage, stress, fear or whatever is taking away your peace? If you cannot do anything about it, how about letting God act? As long as you stay with it, you won’t give it to God and He cannot act!

Acting on your faith is also trusting that God will do what we cannot do.

So here’s a short list on what you can do to hear the Voice of God:

  1. Give to Him what’s taking away your peace through a sincere prayer.
  2. Trust that He heard your prayer and is working on this situation.
  3. Stop distracting yourself with social networks, Internet, music, TV and let the silence speak to you. God likes to speak when we’re in silence… so allow yourself to have silence.
  4. After you do these three things, share your experience with me here.

In faith.

Collaborated: Cristiane Cardoso

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  • Mamoeketsi Mathibela

    After reading this link,I made a sincere prayer asking God to bless me financially and after praying I had that assurance and I thanked God because it was done.On the same day I was being blessed with the amount that I mentioned.

  • Kimberly graham

    Hi Ms. Cristiane . After reading this it help me more to seek the holy spirt and to hear God’s voice.

  • Itumeleng TAUNYANE

    After following the procedure on how to pray,I openly told God my hardships. I sincerely asked him for relief and truly I was able to recover and letting my worries and pains behind me.

  • Ashkhen Gulbekian

    Hi Mrs Cristiane, I had this same experience the other day when something went wrong and I was trying to solve it with my own strength and intelligence! I was just getting stressed and exhausted. Then I asked for God’s help and immediately the direction came into my mind what to do to solve the problem?! I could’ve avoided a lot of stress and anxiety by just asking for God’s help because He was right there waiting for me to ask so I could listen to His voice!

  • Lilly Nkhabu

    I separated my time to talk to God through my sincere prayer in a silent place telling all my worries and everything that take away my peace and after I had faith that God is going to bless my life

  • Jashia Anglin

    This is very strong. Many times we get so distracted with things or situations .

  • Kabelo

    Thank you Mrs Cris
    This fast of Daniel, is an opportunity for me to allow my God to speak, and I to listen to Him.
    It is for me to be at Ease,and let God be in control, in this way I will be able to hear His voice.
    Kabelo Tswaana

  • Nikki Karitas

    True,sometimes the best way to heal even a broken heart is by surrendering all the pieces to God.