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I decided to write about this subject because it’s very common to hear people say they have God’s calling to do something for Him in His Work. So, they spend their days wishing to be raised to a certain position in the church.

The thing is this calling doesn’t always call for a new task to be done immediately. We can see this in the life of many men who in the past were chosen by God, like Joseph, Moses, David, Paul and many others who were tested on the Word they received.

This happens because the Most High loves His people and because of this, wouldn’t place them into the hands of uncommitted or unprepared people.

If you were really chosen for this Work, you will certainly be subject to a preparation, for these are the teachings today that turn a servant efficient for the mission he will receive from his Master.

Many times, our days, months or years are marked by obscurity, expectation and solitude, because our impetuous human will must be tamed. Know that, before using someone, The Lord Jesus works inside that person deeply and intimately. After all, your character, values, fear, just like your trust, dependence, discipline, perspective about the future and your whole life will have to be chiseled. Of course, this molding adds precious virtues that cannot be done in the blink of an eye.

So, until this happens, feed your desire in serving by doing your best with what is within your reach. How many people dream about serving on the Altar as a pastor or pastor’s wife, but on the court, they don’t give the fruits they should? They get worried, and as time passes by, they become afraid that the pastor who knew them will go away, and that they’ll be forgotten; as well as many other concerns that distance them from the divine purpose.

One thing is certain, you won’t be useless in the Kingdom of God, and all those who place themselves at His disposal will have the privilege of serving Him. However, don’t despair, first, renew your faith and let yourself be molded inwardly.

Lastly, keep giving fruits in what you were entrusted with. It means, waiting while “working”, because God doesn’t call idle or lazy people. That’s what happened with Moses, who was called when he was a shepherding Jethro’s flock; with Gideon, who was threshing the wheat; with Peter, Andrew, James and John, who were fisherman; with Matthew, who was a tax collector and so on.

Living for the Altar is a privilege, but it requires a lot of denial and sacrifice. So, if you don’t manage to overcome your challenges today, you will certainly not overcome the tests that will come in the future.

Until next week.

Collaborated: Núbia Siqueira

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  • Mutesi Grace Kabanyankole

    Yes God’s plans are good. His voice is always a warning but if we are not in spirit we cannot recognize. It only works for those in spirit.


    Wow! Thank you. I love it!

    God bless you!