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How good it is to start the month presenting to God an offering that will exalt Him in our lives! By the way, many people think that to praise God is to sing songs of praise, but we know that not everyone who sings songs of praise really praises God. What good is it to praise God with your mouth, but your heart is filled with grudges, intrigues, fear, doubts, gossip, immoral thoughts, etc?

The task as offering that I will be posting here, three times a week, is a way of helping you to truly praise Him, through your life, and you don’t even need to have a beautifully in-tune voice for that 🙂

The first Task as an Offering in this new series of the 2018 Godllywood Self Help is:

Do something unexpected that you would like someone to do for you.  Do it for someone in your family.

This task will teach you two things:

  • That, before receiving anything, it’s necessary to give.
  • And that to give is much better than to receive…

Since we are going to post the second task for this week soon, what about starting to work on this one today? Maybe you don’t have the time you need, but you can start planning and thinking about what you would really like someone from your family to do for you so that you can do it for them this weekend. In order to help you to commit to the first offering of this challenge, what about sharing with us what you are going to do in the comments below? Who knows, your offering might to inspire other people to do the same?

Don’t forget to remind your friend-like-sister to do her task as well. In case she needs ideas, take this opportunity to help her. Of course, write everything down in your diary and, if possible, paste the proof of your task inside of it (a photo, reminder, your planning, etc).

In the faith and in the Shelter of the Most High!

Collaborated: Cristiane Cardoso

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