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Today it’s common not to take nonsense from anybody, fight with another women, make a scene, curse, dress as if you were going to a sensual rehearsal, send nudes, speak loud, get a lot of tattoos, you get it… all this is so common today that you may be asking yourself why I am talking about this. I’m sure some have made an ugly face toward this text and thought, “Who does she think she is?”. No problem, if you don’t want to touch on the subject, stop reading this blog then… as I learned from my father… I have nothing to lose 🙂

But if you want to be helped, and want to be a different kind of woman, you need to change your concepts about what a beautiful woman is.

The Word of God says:

 As a ring of gold in a swine’s snout, So is a lovely woman who lacks discretion. (Prov. 11.22)

There’s no point in having beauty if there’s no discretion.

But, what is discretion?

The quality of those who are discreet, who don’t intend to draw attention to themselves. Ability of those who know how to differentiate what is right and wrong; have discernment. Quality of those who do not reveal others’ secrets.

In other words, a woman without discretion is clueless.

It’s like going to the beach in Rio de Janeiro in heels, running in the Ibirapuera park in a dress, wear a skirt and sit with opened legs, wear winter gloves in the summer, and beach hat in the winter. If you saw these scenes, you would think the person has a missing screw in their head, to say the least… well, a woman without discretion passes the same message, that’s why you have the saying, “Where was your head when you…” lol…

Indiscretion draws the wrong attention. It’s sad. But sometimes it’s much more subtle than we imagine…

I remember the first time I painted my hair, it was during my first year of marriage. My sister was going to get married and I wanted to change my look, I went to a hair salon that I had never gone to before (Caution, never do this! If you want to change your look, first know them first), I looked at a picture on the wall and asked him to dye my hair just like the model (#clueless). When he dried my hair and I saw the final result, it was horrible. Besides destroying my hair, the blond tone completely washed me out. And worst of all, the next day was my sister’s wedding, and the following day my husband’s consecration as a pastor. These are the two collections of pictures you’ll never see me share… 🙁

When I arrived in the hall, everyone asked me if I wanted to look like Madonna… #wrongattention

Indiscretion makes this happen, you don’t feel well. This is what happens when you yell at someone and later on keep thinking about what happened, you feel ashamed.

Today’s Task as an Offering is answering these questions in your diary:

  • How do I treat my husband / boyfriend / my parents / my siblings / my friends / my boss / my co-workers / other women in general?
  • How do I dress for work / school / church / shopping / at home / gym?
  • How’s my makeup? And the color that I dye my hair? And the color of my nail polish?
  • How do I walk? Who do I walk with?
  • If someone does not know me, what is their first impression of me?
  • How do I talk to people?
  • How do I deal with secrets or even what I hear about the lives of others?
  • How do I react when someone “steps on my foot”?
  • Am I an educated person with the others?

Afterwards, you will ask your friend like sister the above questions about yourself, since sometimes we’re not aware of our flaws. Ask her to be honest with you, after all, the purpose of this task is to help you and not console you.

And to finish, some photos below show what was indiscreet in the past but which today is considered modern… what do you think?

In the faith and in the Shelter of the Most High.


Collaborated: Cristiane Cardoso

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