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Since I grew up in the church and did not live in “sin”, I used to consider myself a young woman of God.  Inside, however, I had many doubts, fears, desires that went against my faith and the feeling I had was, at any moment, all that would explode from the inside out and I would no longer be who I thought I was.  No one knew what was going on inside me, only God, and He only revealed Himself to me because one day I decided to be sincere with Him, with myself and with everyone around me.

The Task as an Offering for today is for you to be sincere about your real spiritual condition.

If you are a person born of God, then you have passion for souls and God is above everything in this world for you. Your faith does not depend on the circumstances, it does not depend on anyone.  People may fall at your side, but you keep on looking at Your Redeemer, firm and strong, taking care of your own salvation.

Now, if you are not… then you are like I was.  Everything I have said in the paragraph above is just a theory for you.  Even though you try to do everything you know you have to do to please God, it’s as if you are trying to be someone else… you end up giving up, getting discouraged, you start and don’t finish…

“…for whoever is born of God overcomes the world”. (1 John 5:4)

Your spiritual condition cannot be based on good moments, times when you feel the presence of God or when you talk about Jesus to someone.  It is based on who you are inside… who you have been before God, there inside of your heart, in such an intimate place that no one can access — only God.  He knows who you are, but what about you? He sees who you are when there’s no one nearby … do you? He knows what you have been thinking, what you want the most, what you pretend you do not want and your concerns about what others may say about you. If God already knows all this, for how long are you going to deceive yourself?  How long are you going to pretend that you are not the one who is there inside of you?

Be sincere with God and with yourself.  If you really know Him, you will be revived.  If you have never truly known Him, you will. Do you believe? Put your best clothes on, arrive early at the service, sit on the seats that are closer to the Altar and stay in the Spirit of prayer.  Your spiritual needs will be supplied!

Use your diary to write a letter to God about who you have been before Him.  This Task as an Offering will be done without your friend like sister, because it is deeply personal!

In the faith and in the Secret Place of the Most High!

Collaborated: Cristiane Cardoso

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