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Many people asked me why I left the social networks recently.  Some of them, without knowing, judged me thinking that I was running away from my “persecutors” and they even sent messages to my husband on social networks begging me to come back and to not care about those who hate me.

It was nothing like that.

I left social networks because God asked me to. He had been asking me for this for a long time, but because I saw how much my posts were helping so many people, I would end up thinking that it was all in my head, until one day, in the end of the year, He spoke to me very clearly and I obeyed Him. I did everything all at once, as if I was taking off a Band Aid. I closed my Instagram, Facebook, Youtube, Twitter and even my Pinterest account.

Since then, my time has lasted almost double of what it used to when I had social networks.  I feel free to be who I am, to do what I have to do, without having to give anyone any explanation; and you know the best part about all this? I’VE GROWN spiritually!

Amazingly, today I can see and listen to what before I could not. I have nourished myself more with spiritual things and they have strengthened me in such a way that I don’t miss anything of the life I had on social networks. Today I don’t know what happens with those whom I used to follow and I don’t need to say what happens to me to those who used to follow me.  It’s such a good freedom that it’s even hard to explain!

And as a bonus, I set myself free from the vanity that used to consume me, and I was filled with something that no credit card could buy; the satisfaction for what I already have.

It’s in this faith that you will do the Task as an Offering 4: you will get rid of something that God has been asking from you for a long time and you have resisted, even if like me, you think that it is not exactly what He is asking from you.  You will make a list of possibilities but don’t limit yourself. God may be asking for something much more personal to you…

  • A friendship
  • A hobby
  • Career
  • Addiction
  • A dream
  • A relationship
  • Vanity
  • Pride
  • Lie
  • A hidden sin
  • A habit
  • Greed
  • A secret
  • A grudge
  • A thought
  • A doubt
  • A fear
  • A social network
  • A group
  • A position

In this Task as an Offering, you need to be much more than just theoretical.  It’s not enough to say what it is; you have to do something to prove to God and to yourself that you are really getting rid of what He is asking from you.  Talk to your Friend like Sister, discuss the ideas of how you both can take such attitude, and if it’s not difficult, then it is a sign that this is not exactly what God is asking from you. As He said:

“The Law and the Prophets were until John; Since the kingdom of God has been preached, and everyone is pressing into it”. (Luke 16.16)

Leave your comments about the experience after sacrificing what God asked you, and if you need some time to see how much it was worth it, then you can come back later and share with all of us here what God gave you because of the perfect offering you offered to Him.

Next Task as an Offering in the Friday post!

In the faith of the Shelter of the Most High.

Collaborated: Cristiane Cardoso

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