Godllywood Self-Help 2018 – Introduction - Cristiane Cardoso - English | Cristiane Cardoso - English


Today we are going to restart the Godllywood Self-Help Challenge here on the blog, which will help you rediscover yourself in a new way. It will only last for a few weeks and we’ll repost all of them only next year…

Each week I will post three challenges here: one on Monday, another on Wednesday and another on Friday. In order to complete them efficiently, here are three suggestions:

  • Find a friend like sister (FLS) – someone who can do these challenges with you, and who is also willing to grow with you. It’s not a competition between you two but a partnership. You will check each other’s challenges, encourage each other when discouragement hits and help each other when things get difficult.
  • Prepare a diary – This is where you will collect all the challenges you’ve done and your experiences with them. This diary will help you remember all of them and later on you’ll be able to use it to join the Godllywood group!
  • Understand the name given to these challenges in order to do them well: Task as an offering – the name is an incentive for you to do them for God and not as an obligation to me, the group or your friend like sister.

So, to start, find a friend like sister between today and Thursday so you can start the first Task as an Offering on Thursday. Once you have the name of your friend like sister, place it in the comments below and ask her to do the same thing 🙂

In the faith of the Secret Place of the Most High.

Collaborated: Cristiane Cardoso

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