Godllywood Challenge 38 - Cristiane Cardoso - English | Cristiane Cardoso - English


Dear friends, we must not neglect our health. So, this week, get into the habit of eating something light and healthy every three hours. Maybe you’ll have to buy a few different things this month, including snacks that you can keep in your bag and eat at work or on the go. Plan your daily meals before you do your shopping, ok? As proof, post the following on our Facebook page: “Godllywood Challenge 38 every three hours”.


Collaborated: Cristiane Cardoso

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  • Maria

    Wow mrs Cris!!!this is so motivating when it comes 2 our
    health,’cos most of the time we need Our body 2 do some work 4 us
    but we neglect it by not taking good care of it.

  • Nobesuthu Mrubata

    Eating healthy is not my strong point but i believe this
    challenge will help me. it won’t be easy but i’ll go through

  • Sharon Etienne

    Dear Mrs Cristiane,

    I started to look at the types of foods I was eating because I was always getting tired. I remember a previous challenge concerned our water intake and I increased this because of my lathargicness and advice from a trichologist.

    This particular challenge helped me with thinking about balancing the carbohydrates and the proteins. Although, I have to confess, I still have the sweets and crisps sometimes because we women do have our cravings, I began to have more salad with my meals and in my sandwiches, more fruits at lunch time in parallel with drinking more water. Its hard to eat every three ours because of the nature of my work but I am slowly noticing a difference with my energy levels.

    Rememeber ladies, sleep is also essential to energy building. So try and have eight hours. If one does not have their health then we cannot do anything.

    Thank you Mrs Cristiane

  • Brinda

    Not mine too but i tried being good and was eating lots of fruits…….. breakfast, lunch and dinner. friuts in between all.

  • Beatrice Ralefatane

    this week i did eat healthy food that is good to my body and i will like to tell others to eat like me as this week i did


    wow this challenge really made me look at my eating habits and ways of changing them will pass the message to my friends so that they too can change

  • charlene bryan

    Godlly wood task 38 healthy eating
    challeng this week i bought vegtable and other healthy option for me to look atfer myself better i also cut down on suistain food like sweets food . God show me i need to take of my healf better because we the temple of God i am also to look at healty menu
    to found differrent ways to eat healthy. one of my favoritrate option is pastra and salad this week i will be makeing different style of healthy food .