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For this week’s Godllywood challenge, observe to see if you have that divine nature which we wrote about this week, for without it, it’s impossible to make part of Godllywood for very long.

Godllywood is not for just anyone, for it demands sacrifice that our human nature doesn’t like to do. The tasks are not just weekly, they are for the rest of our lives. What is it worth to show kindness one week and then not show it again? What is it worth to fix your house, prepare dinner for your family, be feminine in your way of dressing, look with good eyes… just during one week?

This week’s task is for you to examine yourself regarding what we’ve written every day last week and reach the conclusion on whether you are born of God or not. If you aren’t, you will wake up 1 hour earlier each day during the upcoming 7 days and seek this encounter with God for at least 10 minutes. Fast for 7 hours daily during these 7 days. That means that you will stay away from television, internet, magazines, books (that have nothing to do with your spiritual life), conversations and whatever entertainment during these 7 hours of daily fast. You are going to think about God, if you want you can read the book “Are we all  GOD´s children?” during this period of fasting.

If you are already born of God, examine what you have stopped doing and go back to the first works.

Do the same tasks stated above.

As proof, write your experience this week in our Facebook page.


Collaborated: Cristiane Cardoso

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  • Asanda Gorata

    Mrs Cristiane,i would like to thank you again and again for this task. God use you to change my life and now i am a new creature.

  • Wendy

    Thank You Mrs. Cris I know this is another wonderful task to renew myself spiritually and to mold me as a women of God!
    God Bless you!

  • Yolisa Foji

    Thanx Mrs Critiana

    I am looking for forward to this task, even though I’m born of God but for me to remain in the first love of God I have to fast and I will continue to wake up an hour before my usual time. This will help to grow more stronger in Christ. thanks again.

  • ketsweng mashona

    thank for so much for the task as it is really building my spiritual life.


    quero agradescer por esta tarefa pois esta sendo muito importante para minha vida espiritual

  • dorah

    The task is a blessing because salvation is introduced to many

  • vuyokazi

    i am doing a fast of daniel ,praying and fasting by absataining frm anything that has nothing to do with my spiritual life…i have come to this challenge at the right time ,and i am born of God ,this is to show God tht He is worthy more than all the tv shows, sopies ,things of this world ,,am seeking His attention He is worthy of all this scarifice…

  • vuyokazi

    i have done my challenge 10 been waking up giving my prayers morning afternoon and evening in this fast of daniel fast ,I thank God this challenge has come at the right time,i asked God to lift my spirit more and more

  • anita qali

    I LOVE this challenge and it came at a right time

  • christa

    Taking part in fast of Daniel made me grow spiritually as I
    used to like social network. But as I continued wth the fast I was
    reading th bible more and somtimes find myslf feeling like praying
    singing songs of praise. The book (are we all God’s children?) wel
    w all God’s creation but his children its up 2 us f w wnt 2 by
    choosing 2 follow his ways. I hav done my #GODLLYWOOD CHALLENGE 10.
    i believe I’m GOD’S child with no doubt.

  • yandy

    Hi mrs cdrs

    I ve been doing Goddlywoodchallenge #10 waking up 1 hour earlier than my usual time meditating on the word of God in the book of psalms and seek the Holly Spirit and keeping myself busy on my spare time at work other than involving myself in conversation that have nothing to do with my spiritual life ,by visitting the Church website on Bishop Marcelo Pires Blog and the Pastor’s wife’s Blog ,that has changed my Life God’s Spirit is with me and I had the encounter with God I was praying for and now I started to do all the good things I use to do and stop for my family and do more also to invest in my Spiritual life.

    Tomorrow is gonna be my last day of my seven day & seven hour fast and I’m going stronger in my faith each day I accomplish my fast and I want to do more to keep in Spirit and in faith ,though it was’nt easy.

    Thank you !!!

  • Angelina

    what a blessing to have to do this challenge during the fast of daniel and may God bless me more even after the fast i will remain doing what God wants me to do because i am not of the world and i am of God.

  • onkutlule Makosha

    i really appreciate what you are doing Mrs Cristiane,this tasks help us ,they mold us to become virtuous woman of God,inside and out! when doing tasks one can never grow cold spiritually so thanks a lot

  • Rackel Brathwaite

    I was reading the bible each and everyday an sometimes find myself feeling like praying,singing songs of praise which make me feel Closer to God,we all are virtuous woman of God inside an out and doing this task make me grow spiritually
    Godllywood challenge #10