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When Moses fasted for forty days, He stayed on the top of the mountain consecrating Himself. The Lord Jesus also fasted for forty days, and remained away from everything in the wilderness of Judea. Today “physically” we cannot get away from everything, am I right?

But what we can do is reserve more of our time and attention by giving up the entertainment and many of the illicit pleasures the internet has to offer in order to devote ourselves to God. With this sacrifice, I show the Lord that I am hungry and thirsty for Him, more than anything else in this world.

We are living in days where the dependence on social networks, websites and blogs has been so great that food can be taken from a person’s hand, but her cellphone… never!

It’s as if a cell phone and the internet have become an extension of the body for some.

It’s also good to emphasize that in our spiritual life, the boundaries and laws are different from an earthly life. The more I feed myself on the things of God, the more hunger I have for Him. The less I go to Him, the less desire or appetite I will have for what is heavenly.

In addition, our spiritual life surpasses our earthly life, for example: medicine says that a person who eats only vegetables will be doomed to become tired and physically weak. But Daniel and his friends in Babylon, in order not to defile themselves with the king’s delicacies, especially the meats, which were usually sacrificed to the idols, gave up on eating them. By the end of this abstinence, they were stronger than all the others who ate everything. How do you explain that?

Faith has an extraordinary power, so use this purpose as a great ally to your spiritual growth and abstain from everything that robs you of what is eternal and valuable.

I’ll see you next week! Until next time!

Collaborated: Núbia Siqueira

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  • Dee

    Thank you Mrs Chris.

    It is so true. By sacrificing we are showing God that he is certainly our priority. Honestly social media can become a drug if you do not watch. These things are very time consuming and defile the soul if you end up reading the wrong things. Honestly I believe to have a strong spiritual life and serve God effectively it is better to abstain from these things. Obviously there are people who couldn’t care less with social media but those who “love it” should sacrifice it .
    And like Daniel Faith wins!

  • Francinah Mokgwelwa

    Thanks Mrs Cristiane, the message is very strong. As children of God, we need abstain from all entertainment even though it is hard for our great reward is on the way. Thanks mam, you always lift our spirit when low.

  • Nekesa Janet

    just do the will of GOD not you will and leave others for GOD.