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Day to day, it’s easy to see people who used to love what they did, they were happy and motivated by everything, but then slowly, they lost this pleasure. They start to live, serve, and deal with others, as if everything in life was an obligation. They develop an enormous amount of stress in which anything is capable of causing annoyance or murmuring. We have plenty of examples about this in the feminine universe, don’t we?

You must have already seen the confusion that a simple wet towel left on the bed can cause. Or, the rage a sink full of dishes can cause a person who thinks they’re “way too tired”.

It’s even worse when this lack of interest and weariness takes over the spiritual life.

The light burden and soft yoke of the Lord Jesus become heavy and wearisome. The high privilege of serving Him stops being an honor to becoming a burden. There is no greater sign than this to show that something is wrong in your relationship with God!

There is so many people that work with an ill will that they make it seem that the Divine Calling has “spoiled” their life. Those who should be happy in being a chosen one, live as if all their plans had been interrupted by God. I remember a very interesting bible passage, in which God instructed the fabric of priestly garments, such as the turbans on their heads and undergarments around their waists, be made only of linen (Ezek. 44:17-18). We know that linen refers to justice and purity, it is even mentioned as the garments of eternity (Rev. 19:8). When the Lord forbid these pieces to be made of wool, as an example, He justified the reason behind it was because they caused a person to sweat.

I think that if the priests exuded a bad smell, other than it showing a lack of hygiene, they would demonstrate that the Work of God was painful and deprived of joy.

We can understand, in a spiritual way that nothing which is asked of us can be considered boring. If at any moment we are “sweating” to do something it means that the Work is no longer voluntary and pleasurable. In this case, God stops acting though us, even if we preserve the name in the hall of earthly “servants”. For this “sweat” means that everything that is being done by force is done in the flesh.

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Collaborated: Núbia Siqueira

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