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Lately, there is much talk about tolerance, equality, and the power of choice. Among the many flags raised, one of the most active fronts is the feminism that, according to what is portrayed, seeks to assure women the right to be in the place that she chooses, doing what she wants and being who she wants to be. But has this really been its fight?

The feminist movement, on several fronts, has not just worked to guarantee equal rights, but rather to instill the idea that women have to be self-sufficient, to put their studies and professional life above everything, permit others to raise their children (because even if you don’t have time for anything, you must have at least one child, or you will never attain the fullness of being a woman) and always be alert to immediately repel anything that is characterized as “too feminine”, such as taking care of the house, cooking or personally educating the children.

For this new feminism, getting married before age 30 is absurd. The modern woman has to study a lot – University, Master in Business Administration and Management, speak three languages – be very successful in a professional career, buy her apartment, have a good car in the garage, a good bank account, travel around the world, freely enjoy their freedom and only then think about having a relationship.

But of course, she does not need to be alone at this stage, because achieving all this can take a long time. Meanwhile, she can have as many men as she wants, treat them as mere objects of pleasure and be adept at casual sex. Although that is exactly what many men did (and do) with women and is something we hate.

For this new feminism, the woman who leaves the career and prioritizes the education of her children must be crazy. Will she depend on a man? What do you mean? A woman who is a true woman does not depend on any man. What a retrograded, reactionary idea, it’s ridiculous! Women in the past could not choose to work outside, but the modern woman also cannot choose to prioritize the family. And so, we continue without the right to choose.

For this new feminism, a woman’s strength is to speak louder, to prove all the time that she is more competent, smarter and more capable, and obviously to make it clear that she is more ‘macho’ than a man. Does this dictatorship of “being more, doing more” really bring us the freedom of being who we want to be?

For this new feminism, everyday things become real insults. A man giving up his seat to a woman on the bus? How awful! Let’s give him a lesson so he learns not to treat us like the frail sex! A mother buys a set of toy pots her daughter asked for her birthday? Insult! Lakes make her feel bad until she realizes she’s being reactionary! Gifting a woman a domestic appliance? Please, there’s no name for this…

It is necessary to respect the choices of the people and to stop imposing old tight reigns dressed as modern ideologies. Telling the woman where she should be and what she should do is not something new, quite the contrary. Throughout history we have had to accept impositions, to see our rights be cut and have our voice muffled.

But the question is: how much longer will you allow third parties to dictate rules in your life? How long will you accept explaining your choices and waiting for the approval of others? Assume your femininity, your values, and your beliefs and do not let any movement disguised as new discussion keep a tight reign on you.

Patricia Lages

Original post translated from:https://meuestilo.r7.com/analise-o-feminismo-e-os-novos-cabrestos-01042018

Collaborated: Cristiane Cardoso

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